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Fake Royal Worcester Marks

Good quality porcelain is often copied and fake Royal Worcester marks are quite common. The artwork on this nice pair of posy vases looks the part and the Stinton signature could get you very excited if you came across them at auction. But are these marks genuine Royal Worcester marks. Only good research and an eye for detail can make sure you don't pay top dollar for inferior copies or outright fakes. Continue Reading

Buy Antiques You Love – Feed Your Passions

Mostly antique collectors and dealers suppress their passions and buy antiques with a clinical eye. They use cold reason and keep that eye on economics, worth and potential profit. Their inner child plays no part in their purchases and emotions, passions and desires only factor in when profit potential increases. Occasionally buying antiques you love can reinvigorate your love of antiques, interest in history and even sometimes add to that profit margin. Continue Reading

Antiques Roadshow (2)

Your Antiques RoadShow ... Page (2) More antiques and collectibles submitted by antique collectors seeking information or help with antique attributions. Including Georgian glass, Capodimonte porcelain, Wedgwood candlesticks and native American pottery. All sitting comfortably alongside an antique owl jug, blue & white figurines and Chinese vases.   The headings and descriptions in the antiques roadshow are those of the owner, and they may be right or they might be ... Continue Reading

Minton Tea Cup & Plate c1930 – Are they valuable?

I have tried researching the Minton Tea Cup & Plate on the internet and all I can find out is that they were designed by Reginald Haggar and date to c1930. Continue Reading

Turner Watercolor Painting of Cockatiels

This Cockatiels Watercolor by an artist named Turner, was my grandmothers by Suzanne Wilson (Waldron, AR) Gran was honored with the Turner watercolor on a Mothers Day at church long ago for having the most family members at church that day. My grandfather unusually decided to come with her that day making her family the most in attendence that day. I have always remembered that painting in her house and it gave me so much peace to see it. I asked her for the turner watercolor ... Continue Reading

White Ladies Antiques Shop

At White Ladies Antiques Shop we specialise in 19th and 20th century pottery and porcelain from Britain and Europe. We have an excellent track record on safe delivery as packing is professionally done Continue Reading

Beky Davies – Ceramic Restoration and Conservation

Ceramic restoration projects undertaken include soft and hard paste porcelain, stoneware and low fired ceramics. Also glass, enamels, jade and ivory repairs Continue Reading

JM French Polishing

At JM French Polishing we undertake sympathetic repairs and restoration of wooden furniture, floors, panels, doors, stairs - basically all wooden items. JM French Polishing was established in 1985 and covers Greater London and Surrey Continue Reading

Timber Hills Antiques

Timber Hills Antiques provides beautiful fine living accents for your home. Specialising in French Limoges Porcelain, English Pottery, Transferware, Majolica and Faience wares Continue Reading

Horologica Clock Repairs

Horologica and Horology have been my hobby for over 30 years and my low charges for antique clock repairs and servicing modern clocks help fund my lifestyle Continue Reading