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Buy Antiques You Love – Feed Your Passions

Collecting Antiques can be frustrating and challenging but it can also be fun and exciting as well.

You may be keen young amateur collector, excited by the hunt.

Or a young couple wanting to fill your new home with antique art that inspires passionate dinner conversations.

Whoever you are and whatever your reasons for buying antiques, if you choose your purchases carefully you can easily start an antiques collection that will build good profit over the long term.

All that takes is money and good advice.

But, if you’re passionate, lucky and very occasionally give in to your passions and buy antiques because you love them, then you could just turn up a real winner.

Why you Should Buy Antiques That You love …

We are all attracted to colours, images, faces and other things we see everyday, because they appeal to our inner child.

The reasons are many and varied. It could be because of an experience we had as a child, or because there’s an old memory buried in our deep sub-conscious.

Be passionate buy antiques you love - Novelty antique teapots for instance

Maybe a memory of something we played with and loved as a child or enjoyed looking at when we visited Gran.

These things are what make us who we are and they influence what we do and what we buy.

These memories spur the choices and impulse buys that come from the illogical, emotional side of us.

Collecting antiques as an investment has traditionally paid good dividends but always looking for profit can, as we’ve already said, be frustrating and challenging.

Mostly we suppress our passions and view our antique purchases clinically, with cold reason and an eye on economics and worth.

But if you try occasionally to buy antiques that appeal to the inner child in you, that happy emotional free spirit you were before money became a factor.

Then you’ll find you buy antiques you never considered before.

You’ll catch yourself looking sideways at vintage train sets, stealing a wistful glance at a bag of marbles, remembering the old telescope Grandad let you look through and you’ll be drifting down memory lane.

At antique auctions you’ll catch other antique collectors doing the same. You’ll chat and share memories then smile as those much cherished collectibles sell for just a few pounds.

And later you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy them.

Eventually you’ll come to realise that someday someone will. because like them the antiques you did buy were also once someone’s treasured possessions.

And if you do buy antiques you love, you’ll win both ways.

Because your memories and passions may just become very collectible, but even if they don’t you’ll still love owning them anyway.

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