Antique Vault for Antique Valuations

Antique Vault is a free online art and antique valuations service

by Mathew Betts (London, England)

Antique Vault - Selling, Loans, Valuations & Restoration

Antique Vault helps you to find out the history and value of your antiques, art and collectables, from the comfort of your own home.

We provide you with a free valuation report within the week, and can assist you in a full range of follow-on services including :

  • Selling
  • Loans and restoration
  • As well as estate valuations

Our professional antique valuations can be tailored to your individual needs, no matter how big or small your collection.

We provide you with a PDF report, as well as a printed document delivered confidentially to your door.

Our reports feature a precise record of all items of note, including images, details, descriptions, and value.

Initial valuation charges are negotiable if you take up our selling service as a result of our valuation.

We are a team of ex Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonhams’ specialists, with many years experience valuing and selling everything from jewellery to antique books.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team: Telephone: 07783 524162

Comments for Antique Vault :

old chandelier by: Derek Mattison
I have an old china or porcelain chandelier with a blue N and some sort of crown insignia above the N. It also has mcwgcwi in a hard to read script written below it. The w may be an m, I really can’t tell.

It is white with gold ornate and pink magnolias on it. Can you help identify the maker?

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