Art Deco Antiques

Art Deco Antiques and Deco Style Collectables

Art Deco Antiques & the beauty of Art Deco Design
From professional designers to the gifted amateur with a good eye, everyone loves the elegant, geometric shapes and sophisticated styles you find in art deco antiques.

Art Deco SculpturesArt Deco Sculptures

Beautiful, original 1920’s and 30s Art Deco sculpture is among the most desireable and most beautiful sculpture in the world.


Art Deco PostersArt Deco Jewellery

Jewellery of the 1920’s and 30’s was in thrall to geometry and used circles, arcs, squares, rectangles and triangles in stunning designs.



Art Deco PrintsArt Deco Clocks

Stunningly elegant Art Deco clocks including longcase clocks and beautiful art deco garniture sets.


Art Deco Porcelain VaseArt Deco Porcelain

Set aside the deco collectors obsession with art deco sculptures and Rene Lalique glass. And view the beautiful objects produced by designers and artists working with pottery and porcelain.

Art Deco PhotoArt Deco Photographs

Beautiful, original 1920’s and 30’s photographs as well as top quality reproductions, show the fixation the Art Deco period had with the female form. Art Deco photographs are highly collectable and becoming very popular with interior design professionals.


Sabino Art Deco LampsArt Deco Lamps

Art Deco Lamps like the beautiful Sabino wall lghts on the left are both highly desireable and very collectable.

Both Art Deco and modern Minimalism attach significant focus on light and space and Art Deco lamps add significantly to both.

Art Deco MirrorArt Deco Mirrors

Art Deco Mirrors project light and air into your art deco interior and light and air with simple geometric shapes is what Art Deco is all about.

The Art Deco mirror is, above all else a true symbol of the art deco style and adds that essential touch of elegance to your art deco interior design

Art Deco Goldscheider Dancing FigureArt Deco Figures and Figurines

Beautiful, original 1930s Art Deco figures, are highly collectable and can make a terrific focal spot in an art deco interior.

Some art deco artists are very collectable and more highly prized than others. Major designers of Art Deco figures include Chiparus, Lorenzl, Colinet and Priess



Susie Cooper Art Deco JarArt Deco Pottery

Beautiful Art Deco Pottery from this most sophisticated period. By Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper, Shelley, Burleigh and other Art Deco Potters.



Art Deco PostersArt Deco Posters

Original art deco posters, possibly recovered from the halls and reception rooms of great art deco buildings and the great ocean going liners, are a collectors dream.


Art Deco PrintsArt Deco Prints

Art Deco prints are a terrific alternative to original 1920s and 30s art deco posters and original artwork.

The quality of prints has improved vastly and for those of us on a limited budget or with limited design space art deco prints are an acceptable alternative until we can afford to replace them with original art deco artwork..

Art Deco Collectables are among the most sought after of all 20th Century designs. Not just for their beauty but also for the exquisite quality of the pieces.