Art Deco Figures

Adding Sophisticated & Elegant Art Deco Figures to your Antiques Collection

Art Deco Panther Figure

Art Deco figures and figurines are among the most beautiful and collectable of all art deco antiques.

However some art deco artists are more collectible and more highly prized than others.

Major Art Deco figure designers include Chiparus, Lorenzl, Colinet and Priess.

Beautiful original 1930s figures formed in the Art Deco style, whether made from plaster, spelter or bronze look nothing less than spectacular in the correct setting.

Female Art Deco Figures

Even well executed reproductions of well known female art deco figures & figurines produced in metal or ivorine and set on marble bases can be stunning design pieces and will set-off any minimalist interior.

Design influences come from the age of Egyptian Pharoahs, the Orient, Tribal Africa, Cubism, Futurism, the age of machines and graphic design.

Fans and collectors of Art Deco figures love the sensual clean lines, the bold colours and the sophisticated sylph like designs.

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