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Collectible Wade Whimsies in Red Rose Tea

Many companies use freebies to boost sales. Since 1983 Red Rose Tea has included miniature figurines inside selected boxes of their tea. The figurines were produced by the Wade pottery firm and keen Wade collectors, particularly Wade Whimsies collectors, should know and understand the history of these figurines. So, here's that history with descriptions of all eight Wade Whimsies series issued by Red Rose Tea to date. It was in the USA in 1983, when Red Rose Tea first introduced miniature ... Continue Reading

Collecting Japanese Silver Yen: The Dragon Yen 1870-1914

The Japanese government began minting silver Yen coins shortly after the Meiji Restoration. The silver Dragon Yen was minted between 1870 & 1914 and is fascinating both for the beauty of its design and its historical value. It is a coin well worth collecting Continue Reading

Vintage & Collectable Pressed Glass

Pressed glass has been dismissed by serious collectors and the wealthier elements of the population throughout the years, simply because it was aimed at the mass market. But like most things that appeal to the majority of the population, pressed glass has moved up in the World and is now fashionable enough among the more well to do, that glass collectors are sitting up and taking notice. Continue Reading

Doulton Artist Monograms (S)

Royal Doulton artist monograms beginning with or including the letter S. Including Eliza Simmance, Harry Simeon and Emily Stormer. Sorted alphabetically by surname from left to right. We've provided real life examples of Royal Doulton marks and artist monograms in the Doulton Gallery and the Pottery Marks index. NOTE: Most royal doulton artists and assistants were encouraged to use a mark or artist monogram that included their initials. A quick click through to the relevant character below ... Continue Reading

Doulton Artists Marks (M)

Royal Doulton artists marks and monograms, beginning with or including the letter M. Use the alphabetical index at the end of the page for doulton artists marks that include other characters. Royal Doulton artists marks and monograms beginning with or including the letter M. Marks are sorted alphabetically by surname from left to right. We'll be providing real life examples of Doulton marks and monograms as and when we can. Most Royal Doulton artists and assistants used a mark or monogram ... Continue Reading

Tips on Repair & Caring for Antique Furniture

Tips on the Repair & Care of Antique Furniture and Furnishings. It's rare for antique furniture to be kept solely for display purposes, so certain precautions are necessary in caring for antique furniture if it is to withstand years of daily wear and tear. Treat your antique furniture with due respect for the original use it was designed for. The surface of an old desk, for instance, was not designed to withstand the pressure of a ball point pen. Tilting or leaning back on a chair, ... Continue Reading

Roman Empire Medallions

Collecting Roman Empire Medallions and Roman Coins Roman Empire Medallions like other medallions are normally used to denote minted coin-like tokens not intended for general circulation. Medallions deviate from circulating coins in a variety of ways, such as in size, weight, appearance or motif. The small selection of roman coins shown here is just a small cross-section from the wide range of Roman Empire medallions. These large gold coins could be used to effect payments since they weighed ... Continue Reading

The Rare Brasher Doubloon

Coin Collecting Review - The Rare Brasher Doubloon Ephraim Brasher was a noted goldsmith and silversmith who was highly regarded for his skills, and well known for his hallmark, which he stamped on his own coins and the coinage sent to him for assay. In 1787 Brasher made a small number of doubloons and other coins for general circulation. Doubloons because they were the coin of the realm and at the time, America had no established currency standard. There were mints operating in some ... Continue Reading

Worcester’s Charles Baldwyn

Royal Worcester Artist - Charles Henry Clifford Baldwyn (1843-1913) Few royal worcester artists are better known than Charles Baldwyn,(Charley). His paintings of swans in flight on royal worcester vases are instantly recognisable as his signature pieces. Charles Baldwyn was born in 1859, the son of worcester piano tuner and skilled musician Henry Baldwyn. Charles Baldwyn started work at the worcester factory at the age of fifteen and as with all young artists he spent his first year doing ... Continue Reading

Collectible Wedgwood Antiques

Collecting Antique Wedgwood Pottery and Porcelain. The Wedgwood Collector is faced with many imitators and must ensure they are buying true Wedgwood antiques, that are properly marked, so that the collector can confidently attribute the work to the Wedgwood potteries. Beware of pieces marked 'Wedgwood & Co', an Enoch Wedgwood mark and also wares of the 1790-1801 period by the Knottingley Pottery which are also marked 'Wedgwood & Co' Wedgwood Jasperware It took Josiah Wedgwood ... Continue Reading