Fake Royal Worcester Marks

Good quality porcelain is often copied and fake Royal Worcester marks are quite common. The artwork on this nice pair of posy vases looks the part and the Stinton signature could get you very excited if you came across them at auction. But are these marks genuine Royal Worcester marks. Only good research and an eye for detail can make sure you don't pay top dollar for inferior copies or outright fakes. Continue Reading

Beautiful Arts and Crafts Vase. Or is it?

My arts and crafts vase has a floral motif on all 3 sides. I have researched this piece and am unable to find a potter or company that produced my beautiful arts and crafts vase. Can you help me? Continue Reading

Minton Tea Cup & Plate c1930 – Are they valuable?

I have tried researching the Minton Tea Cup & Plate on the internet and all I can find out is that they were designed by Reginald Haggar and date to c1930. Continue Reading

Antique Chinese Vases – A Great Yard Sale Find

Bought these two antique Chinese Vases at a yard sale and if I could find some info on them it would be fantastic. They're both very different and both have Chinese seal marks and other script marks Continue Reading

Sarah Stocking Antique Posters

Sarah Stocking Antique Posters is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco in historic Jackson Square. Our gallery is home to hundreds of vintage posters Continue Reading

Robs Poole Pottery Collection

I have a personal collection of Poole Pottery and I have several fairly comprehensive galleries of pottery dating from the early 1920s through the 1970s Continue Reading

Looking for Information on Antique Chair

The Unknown King Chair. This antique chair is a total mystery to me. It belonged to my grandparent and I inherited it approximately 20 years ago. Continue Reading

Gorringes Auction House

Gorringes Auction House, trading in South East England for over 100 years. In the early 1920s Rowland Gorringe opened the Gorringes Auction House in Lewes, the county town of East Sussex where it has traded for over 100 years Continue Reading