Helping You Find Antique Auctions Easily


Find Antique Auction Houses in your local area

Professional antique dealers and collectors may know where they are but for those of us who just want to find that special antique something, they’re not always that easy to find.

Use our antique auctions finder to locate a local auctioneer that holds regular antique sales.

Because antique auctions are the best place to find good quality affordable antiques of all descriptions.

And knowing where to find them means knowing the best place to add new pieces or sell unwanted items in your antique collection.

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Buying, Selling and Bidding at Antique Auctions

Always make sure you know what to do before you attend any auction.

To find auctioneers simply enter a location and select a category in the menus below then click the FIND AUCTIONS button.

We’ll be adding more auctioneers regularly, so check back often.


Using the Antique Auctions Finder


Nothing could be simpler. The system should already have taken note of your area and displayed a few antique auctions local to you.

Just click on the markers or one of the Auction Houses in the list below the map and read the information for that auctioneer.

Then simply take a note of their contact details or use the link provided to email them or visit their website.

To search further enter a location and select a category, then click the Find Auctions button.

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Using Street View & Getting Directions

Once you have the auctioneers details on the map screen, simply scroll to the bottom of the note.

The last line contains options for Street View, Zoom to Location and for Directions.

To list the directions just enter your own location or where you want to leave from and click GET DIRECTIONS


About 25% of the UK population collect some form of antique or collectible … and according to the British Antique Dealers Association there are around 20,000 antique dealers operating in the UK.