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Caring for Antique Carpets

A few sensible tips & some advice on caring for your Antique Carpets and Tapestry ... Our antique carpets and tapestries are amongst the most beautiful items we own. But they are probably subjected to the most abuse as caring for antique carpets and tapestries can be a time consuming job. Cleaning is relatively simple as long as it is done regularly and excessive wear is avoidable if correct placement is considered. But carpet, tapestry or any textile repair is rather more involved and ... Continue Reading

American Silver Dollars

There are many excellent reasons why you should be collecting the American Silver Dollar American Silver Dollars, (Silver Eagles), are congressionally authorised and produced by the United States Mint at West Point, New York. They are legal tender coins with a face value of one dollar, although they are worth considerably more since the market price of one ounce of silver has been many times greater than one dollar for more than four decades. Since the first day American Eagle Silver ... Continue Reading

Selling Antiques Guide

The Selling Antiques Guide - How you can profit by selling antiques Buying antiques to re-sell can be very profitable but it does come with a large element of risk. By doing some careful planning, reading and studying of our guide you will minimise that risk and you might find yourself on a path to making a living by doing what you love. Sourcing Antiques The beginning of every business starts with ensuring that you have a product that is worthy of a profit margin which will make you ... Continue Reading

How To Store Coins

How To Store Your Coins and Collectable Coin Collections. There is a kind of Hippocratic Oath used implicitly among coin collectors ... First, above all do no harm Rules on cleaning coins are well-known in collecting circles, even though there's continued debate about how and when. Despite that there's a general conscensus on how to store coins. To avoid the damaging effects of oxidation, finger oil, scrapes, etc, coins should at least be stored in Mylar plastic containers, one coin per ... Continue Reading

Our Guide to the Cleaning and Care of Antique Quilts

Your essential guide to caring for heirloom and other antique quilts. The much loved quilt that's often handed down from generation to generation, which makes the care and repair of your antique quilt a prime concern Continue Reading

Caring for Antique Costumes

Tips and Advice on Caring for Antique Costumes and Textiles The delicate fibres and dyes of antique costumes, textiles and fabrics make them very sensitive to the changing atmospheric conditions in your home. Antique fabrics and textiles need special protection as they are easily torn and absorb stains and smells. So keep them out of reach of children and pets; away from smoke and food and drink. In a dry atmosphere textiles can become brittle in damp they rot with mildew and ... Continue Reading

Caring for Antique Paintings

Tips and Advice on Caring for, storing and repairing your antique paintings, pictures and prints In caring for antique paintings pictures and print material, how and where a painting is hung is crucial to keeping it in good condition. Photographs, books and stamps also benefit from proper display, storage and constant care. Always hang antique paintings or pictures securely, in a spot that is neither damp, above a fire or radiator, nor in too bright a spot. Make sure air circulates ... Continue Reading

Coin Collecting Information

Coin Collecting Information and Coin Publications to help the beginner. There is vast amount of coin collecting information available online covering most aspects of coin collecting and trading. However there are still several hardcopy publications that the novice coin collector will find extremely useful. Including the U.S. Red Book and various good quality magazine publications. Whether you choose to buy printed information or subscribe to the online versions, you'll find them indispens... Continue Reading

Coin Collecting History

A Short History of Coins and Common Currency - Coin Collecting History Before coin collecting and within the living memory of man, direct barter is remembered as the principal means of trade. Goods exchanged by separate parties for the mutual benefit of both. But finding parties who want to exchange their eggs for your bread or their shoes for your butter could be a time consuming process which could result in many spoiled loaves and spoiled butter. Introducing a third party that has ... Continue Reading

Junk Silver Coins – Collecting 90% Silver Profit

A simple cost effective way to invest in silver and an excellent way to hedge against inflation and times of financial crisis is to collect junk silver coins. The value in some coins 90% silver content can make a significant contribution to your wealth, not to mention your coin collection. Continue Reading