Identify Antique Pottery Vase

Can You Help Identify this Antique Pottery Vase

by Vitor Martins (Orange NSW, Australia)

Antique Pottery Vase Side 1 Antique Pottery Vase Side 2

I have got this wonderful antique pottery vase marked with the number 1856 above an N and with Made in England embossed on a raised section on the bottom.

It is decorated with 2 ducks in flight above a grassy base against a geometric background with loop handles on either side.

I would really appreciate any help in discovering more about it.

Thank you.

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Identifying your vase by: Jeffrey
I have some in-depth experience with identifying ceramics, however I am more adept with American pottery. Still, I’ll offer my two pence.

Antique Pottery Vase Base Marks

The number is likely the mold number. The letter ‘N’ is common in English and even German pottery, so actual identity is tough. However, it could represent Derby, but I don’t believe so.

The style of the decoration seems to put it in the early to mid 20th century, (art pottery).

It’s almost Art Nouveau, or more actually Arts & Crafts, a movement that was birthed in England in latter part of the 19th century (see William Morris).

It was widely embraced in America about the time of the The Great War, and was greatly evolved by U.S. potteries such as Roseville, Weller, Greuby, Rookwood and dozens if not hundreds of other extremely collectible potters, most of which folded, burned or were bought out right after WWII.

It’s a lovely piece, but in the case of this letter ‘N’ it could be a worker’s mark. Either the potter or the decorator, most likely the former, since it’s incised. A decorators mark is typically painted.

Another indicator is that it’s not one of the more well known N’s and it is pretty standard lettering.

The ‘N’ seen on such pieces as those from Derby, for instance, are of a more stylized italic form.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions –

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1856 N vase made in England by: Desley
Hi I also have the same vase but not in the same condition as yours. has anyone given you any more information

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Re vase by: Ali
Hello Vitor, I am wondering if you ever heard anything about the vase you had.

I have the same vase as you and a larger one that is the same but just hasn’t got the small arms for want of a better word.

By the looks of your photos your’s is in quite good condition but in mine the paint is fading.

Hope to hear from you

With Thanks, Ali