Wooden Windsor Chairs A Charity Shop Find

I found a set of 6 Windsor chairs at my local British Heart Foundation charity shop

by Jane de Bono (London, England)

Salamon & Co. Windsor Style Chair

Photos show one of the chairs from my set of Salamon & Co. Wooden Windsor Chairs

They are quite different from the Windsor chairs I’ve seen before. They are similar in style, same wood, but not identical, suggesting they may have been made by hand.

On the bottom of the seat it has a large stamp saying, “Salamon & Co. Inc. N.Y.C Contractors.

I googled this company, but found only the name on a trademark site, along with another brand name that they once owned, but that doesn’t exist anymore.

The other brand name is, Aristo-Bilt.

I found out that Aristo-Bilt made cheap, make-it-yourself furniture around the 1940’s, but mostly office and modular furniture. I couldn’t find the Windsor chairs in any of my searches.

I’d appreciate if anyone could help identify the chair and let me know if it’s of any value so that I can satisfy my curiosity.

I don’t plan to sell them, I have fallen in love with their rustic charm, but it’d be just great to know how they were made and where & when.

Thanks for any help,