Troika Pottery Marks

Troika marks and artists monograms are present on all Troika pottery pieces.

Troika Pottery Marks

Almost all Troika pottery was made in moulds, with most items having one basic mould.

Textured pieces had moulds with several different designs and decorators were given the freedom to modify textured moulds providing principal colour combinations were used.

Troika pottery marks are handwritten and Troika artists monograms can vary over time.

Particularly when female artists married and changed their surnames, as with Honor Curtis/Perkins.

In addition several artists had matching initials, as with Stella Benjamin and Sue Baden.

Both the above artists used the initials ‘SB’, and the monogram has to be visually checked to make sure the Troika piece has the correct attribution.

Example Troika Marks, Artists Monograms and Production Period Dates

Mary Baker (MB) – 1970’s Sally Bart (SB) – 1970’s John Bedding (JB) – 1967 to 1968
troika artist - mary baker troika artist - Sally Bart troika arist - John Bedding
Roland Bence (RB) – 1965 to 1968
1970 to 1981 Pottery Manager
Stella Benjamin (SB) – 1963 to 1967 Avril Bennet (AB) – 1973 to 1979
troika arist- Roland Bence troika arist - Stella Benjamin troika arist - Avril Bennet
Teo Bernatowitz (TB) – c1974 Penny Black (PB) – 1960’s to 1976 Sue Bladen (SB) – 1975
troika artist - Teo Bernatowitz troika artist - Penny Black troika artist - Sue Bladen
David Bridge (DB) – 1969 to 1970 Alison Brigden (AB) – 1977 to 1983 Penny Broadribb (PB) – 1975 to 1976
troika artist - David Bridge troika arist - Alison Brigden troika arist - Penny Broadribb
Honor Curtis (HC) – 1969 to 1973 Tina Doubleday (TD) – 1977 to 1979 Vicky Drew (V) – 1980
troika arist - Honor Curtis troika arist - Tina Doubleday troika arist - Vicky Drew
Beverley Ellwood (BE) – late 1970’s Jane Fitzgerald (JF) – 1976 to 1983 Louise Graham (LG) – 1970’s
troika arist - Beverley Ellwood troika arist - Jane Fitzgerald troika arist - Louise Graham
Julian Greenwood-Penny (JP) – 1977-1983 Linda Hazel (LH) – early 1970’s Judith Illsey (JI) – 1980
troika arist - Julian Greenwood-Penny troika arist - Linda Hazel troika arist - Judith Illsey
Leslie Illsey (LI) – 1963 to 1983 Holly Jackson (HJ) – 1977 to 1978 Louise Jinks (LJ) – 1976 to 1981
troika arist - Leslie Illsey troika arist - Holly Jackson troika arist - Louise Jinks
Anne Jones (AJ) – 1976 to 1977 Simone Killburn (SK) – 1975 to 1977 Anne Lewis (AL) – 1966 to 1972
troika arist - Anne Jones troika arist - Simone Killburn troika arist - Anne Lewis
Sue Lowe (SL) – 1976 to 1977 Marilyn Pascoe (MP) – 1960’s to 1974 Honor Perkins (HP) – 1968 to 1973
troika arist - Sue Lowe troika arist - Marilyn Pascoe troika arists - Honor Perkins
Tasmin Ruhrmund (TR) – 1978 Benny Sirota (BS) – 1963 to 1980 Linda Taylor (LT) – 1965 to 1975
troika arist - Tasmin Ruhrmund troika arist - Benny Sirota troika arist - Linda Taylor
Sylvia Vallence (SV) – 1967 to 1969 Annette Walters (AW) – late 1970’s Shirley Wharf (SW) – 1979 to 1981
troika arist - Sylvia Vallence troika arist - Annette Walters troika arist - Shirley Wharf

Table TP:1i – Troika Pottery Marks and Monograms

Recommended Reading for Troika Pottery …


Troika 63-83 is a book published on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Troika Pottery Company.

It details how the mould-cast sculptural pieces developed, the materials used and even tin glazed pieces by Brancusi and Klee.

And how Aztec designs influenced the decoration and the heavily textured pottery that became the Troika trademark

It is definitely recommended reading for the serious Troika pottery collector and can be found in most good bookstores or libraries.