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Antiques Collection: Royal Bonn Vases c1897

The Antique Marks Collection includes a pair of good quality Royal Bonn vases bearing the Franz Anton Mehlem base mark together with various impressed marks. Blue and white signed SE Schutze c1897 Continue Reading

Pair Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Chargers

I have had these Chinese blue & white porcelain chargers for many years. by Barbara Bojorquez (Saltillo, MS USA)   Photos above show decoration on the Pair of Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Chargers   Photos above show the Chinese makers marks on the Blue & White Porcelain (Are they Kangxi or Imari maybe?) I recently started to really take a closer look at these blue & white porcelain chargers. They were a gift from friends and are very beautiful. I would like to know more ... Continue Reading

Blue & White Porcelain Figurines

Are the PB marks, Doulton or Pinder Bourne Marks on these Blue and White Figurines by Beth (Newfoundland Canada) I came across these lovely Blue and White figurines in my Grandmother's basement. I have spent a lot of time online trying to find out about them, but I have no idea whether they are valuable heirlooms or just cute figures she found at a garage sale.       The Blue and White Figurines have gold accents, and are a man and woman. They have a black PB ... Continue Reading

Help Identify this Blue and White Porcelain Plate

I found this blue and white porcelain plate in a thrift store and cannot figure out the age or maker? by Rikki Spencer (Columbia SC) Photos show the Blue & White Plate Decoration and theplate base I think it's pretty old because it is marked in handwriting and the writing is blue. Anyone who might help with information on this very nice blue and white porcelain plate would be greatly appriciated. Makers Marks on Blue and White Porcelain Plate I am hoping it's a treasure. (Ming ... Continue Reading

Blue & White Tea Cups Antique Soft Paste Porcelain

Could somebody please help me find out how old these soft paste porcelain Blue and White Tea Cups are? by Kym (London, UK) Photo is of my Soft Paste Porcelain Blue and White Tea Cups I have researched and researched and cannot find any marks that are the same as the marks on these blue and white tea cups. I am now beginning to think they may be quite rare, please help. The blue and white tea cups are very short but wide. Very delicate and hand painted. I believe they are ... Continue Reading