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American Silver Dollars

There are many excellent reasons why you should be collecting the American Silver Dollar American Silver Dollars, (Silver Eagles), are congressionally authorised and produced by the United States Mint at West Point, New York. They are legal tender coins with a face value of one dollar, although they are worth considerably more since the market price of one ounce of silver has been many times greater than one dollar for more than four decades. Since the first day American Eagle Silver ... Continue Reading

Caring for Metalware

Tips and Advice on Cleaning Antique Metal including Antique Gold, Bronze and Pewter When caring for antique metalware, you should always consider how different metals react in different ways to natural conditions methods of cleaning antique metal should vary accordingly. Despite their apparent toughness antique metalwares can be scratched, dented and some can corrode easily. If antique metals are combined with other materials, as in antique jewellery or furniture your care and cleaning ... Continue Reading

Value Collectible Coins

A look at the criteria used to value collectible coins. Before a collectible coin can be valued, a coin dealer or collector will examine it closely. They will then categorize the coin by placing it into one of the obvious categories by denomination or type. This is not always as easy as it seems. Every now and then a mint will strike odd coins, medals or tokens aimed primarily at collectors. Coin sets commemorating the Olympics or a significant historical event such as the first Apollo ... Continue Reading

Coin Collecting History

A Short History of Coins and Common Currency - Coin Collecting History Before coin collecting and within the living memory of man, direct barter is remembered as the principal means of trade. Goods exchanged by separate parties for the mutual benefit of both. But finding parties who want to exchange their eggs for your bread or their shoes for your butter could be a time consuming process which could result in many spoiled loaves and spoiled butter. Introducing a third party that has ... Continue Reading

Junk Silver Coins – Collecting 90% Silver Profit

A simple cost effective way to invest in silver and an excellent way to hedge against inflation and times of financial crisis is to collect junk silver coins. The value in some coins 90% silver content can make a significant contribution to your wealth, not to mention your coin collection. Continue Reading