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Dorothy & Freda Doughty

Worcester Artists Dorothy Doughty (1892-1962) and Freda Doughty (-1972) The Doughty Sisters, Dorothy and Freda Doughty, probably did more to ensure the future prosperity and stability of the Royal Worcester factory than any other Worcester artists or modellers. Born in San Remo, Italy, Dorothy and Freda were the daughters of Charles Doughty, the English poet and traveller (The author of 'Arabia Deserta'and the inspiration for Lawrence of Arabia ). They came to England when the sisters were ... Continue Reading

The Antiques Collection: Royal Doulton Saltglaze Tyg

The Antique Marks Collection contains a very good Royal Doulton Saltglaze Tyg of good proportion and having three foxhound handles. Signed Ada Dennis and dating to c1858 Continue Reading

Chameleon Ware Art Deco Vase

Can anyone tell me more about this Chameleon Ware Art Deco Vase by Clews & Co Ltd by Donna (Canada) I have a vase that was my mothers. It is a blue green art deco style piece stamped on the bottom with Chameleon Ware, Clews & Co Ltd and Tunstall. Can anyone tell me more about Clews & Co, and the history and value of this art deco vase? Thanks. Donna Comment by Kat on Donna's Chameleon Ware Art Deco Vase: Your vase is by George Clews & Co Ltd, who operated from ... Continue Reading

Wedgwood Queensware Test Plate

Bought this Wedgewood Queensware test plate to put on my wall approx 25 yrs ago in a second hand shop. by Christine Geddes (United Kingdom) Photo shows my Wedgwood queensware test plate with colourful flower pattern I paid 5pence for it, and it's only recently after my Brother said something about the Wedgwood plate, that I realised I might have something special. The plate is cream with a colourful flower pattern and a fluted edge. On the back it is clearly marked with (no.17 Test), it ... Continue Reading

Blue & White Kraak Porcelain Wanli 1573 to 1620

This Wanli Blue and White Kraak Charger, possibly Ming 1610 to 1630, was a gift from friends in Europe about 25 years ago. by Barbara Bojorquez (Saltillo, MS, USA) Top photo shows the decoration on my, possibly Ming, Wanli Blue & White Kraak porcelain charger I've had this Kraak charger stored on the top shelf in the closet until a couple of months ago when I was reminded of it. I've had a number of comments from Antique Dealers and experts that gave me the above information ... Continue Reading