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American Silver Dollars

There are many excellent reasons why you should be collecting the American Silver Dollar American Silver Dollars, (Silver Eagles), are congressionally authorised and produced by the United States Mint at West Point, New York. They are legal tender coins with a face value of one dollar, although they are worth considerably more since the market price of one ounce of silver has been many times greater than one dollar for more than four decades. Since the first day American Eagle Silver ... Continue Reading

How To Store Coins

How To Store Your Coins and Collectable Coin Collections. There is a kind of Hippocratic Oath used implicitly among coin collectors ... First, above all do no harm Rules on cleaning coins are well-known in collecting circles, even though there's continued debate about how and when. Despite that there's a general conscensus on how to store coins. To avoid the damaging effects of oxidation, finger oil, scrapes, etc, coins should at least be stored in Mylar plastic containers, one coin per ... Continue Reading

Our Guide to the Cleaning and Care of Antique Quilts

Your essential guide to caring for heirloom and other antique quilts. The much loved quilt that's often handed down from generation to generation, which makes the care and repair of your antique quilt a prime concern Continue Reading

Hummel Girl Figurine

I discovered this potential Hummel Girl Figurine while out on a local thrift shop hunting trip. by Dave (Greensburg, PA) Top photos show my Hummel Girl Figurine from the front, and a rear view of the Hummel figurine. Bottom photos show the side view and the signature mark on the Hummel Girl Figurine I am not all that familiar with Hummel figurines, and I wasn't quite sure who she is or even if she is authentic. I realize that the Hummel Girl figurine is supposed to carry the Goebel ... Continue Reading

Original Boxed Toy Tea Set from Japan

My Mom has a lovely toy tea set from Japan. by Eden (Los Angeles, ca) The bottom of the toy tea set is marked with the word JAPAN in red with a red crane design marking over it (see photo). Photos of my Japanese Toy Tea Set. No. 48-4722 & Original Box. I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with this stamp or would know the manufacturer of it. We are thinking it is from the 1930's but could not find much information about it online. Thanks so much and here are the set details ... Continue Reading

Can You Help Verify My Ming Vase & Seal Marks

I was given this beautiful, possibly Ming era vase made of possibly bronze about ten years ago. by Adele Pankiewicz (Walton, NY) The Ming vase came from a dear friend that had passed on and I'm not sure exactly what this heavy vase is. Photos of Ming Era Vase side views showing decoration Photos of Ming Vase Seal Mark and drawing of seal marks on bottom of vase It stands about 8 inches tall and i have spent days in trying to find some information on it. I was told that the symbols on ... Continue Reading

Ming Dynasty Cat Figurine… Possibly

This Ming Dynasty Cat Figurine was given to me by my mother when she returned from a recent trip to China. by Brandi (Florida, USA) Photos showing front and back of cat figure. Phoot below shows Chinese Marks on Base of Ming Dynasty Cat The cat is a metal figurine about three inches tall. It sits on a flat base, which has raised Chinese characters and according to the internet, says "Made during the rule of Emperor Xuan'de of the Great Ming dynasty". I'm not sure what kind of metal it ... Continue Reading

Can You Help Identify My Antique Stoneware Bowl

Can You Help Identify My Antique Stoneware Bowl by Cindy (West Salem, Wi. USA) Looking for help in identifying this large antique stoneware bowl. It is very large measuring about 12-14 inches across. Photos show the Stoneware Bowl decoration and the Triangular Mark - 053 Germany It is definitely stoneware with blue glazed scrolled grapevine type raised design with purplish or blue glazed rams heads on either side of bowl. I don't know anything more about it. The antique stoneware bowl ... Continue Reading