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Minton Tea Cup & Plate c1930 – Are they valuable?

I have tried researching the Minton Tea Cup & Plate on the internet and all I can find out is that they were designed by Reginald Haggar and date to c1930. Continue Reading

Ivory Scrimshaw Box or Possibly Mammoth

This I think is an ivory scrimshaw, possibly Mammoth. by Mick Rannigan (Newcastle, England) Photo shows my Ivory Scrimshaw Box I believe it was scrimshawed at one time and has lost it's scenes. It has brass inlay maybe the points of a nautical compass, all the parts are segmented together. I would love to know if all my learning about antiques is paying off. I have collected antiques across the board for over twenty years. This is possibly an ivory scrimshaw item, and I picked it up ... Continue Reading