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Add an Antique Auction House to our Antique Auctions Finder

Complete the form below to add an Antique Auction to our antiques auction finder. Complete all fields and click save to submit the auction house for approval by the Antique Marks team. Only valid operational auctioneers hosting antique and collectible sales with relevant contact details will pass the review process. Continue Reading

Helping You Find Antique Auctions Easily

[two_thirds] Find Antique Auction Houses in your local area Professional antique dealers and collectors may know where they are but for those of us who just want to find that special antique something, they're not always that easy to find. Use our antique auctions finder to locate a local auctioneer that holds regular antique sales. Because antique auctions are the best place to find good quality affordable antiques of all descriptions. And knowing where to find them means knowing the best ... Continue Reading

Collecting the 1804 Silver Dollar

The 1804 Silver Dollar For those interested in collecting rare and unique American silver coins, the 1804 silver dollar will probably be one of the first they will want to add to their coin collection. The 1804 silver dollar is not only one of the rarest but also one of the most popular silver dollars. Considering the 1804 dollars weren't made until 1834 and are still popular with coin collectors, says a lot about them. The 1804 silver dollar is one of the most publicized of US coins. ... Continue Reading

Selling Antiques at Auction

Selling antiques at auction can be fun and highly lucrative, but there are risks. When considering selling antiques at auction you should be aware that there are a great many local, national and international auction houses. All these auction houses are advertising for your business and most are trying to make the selling process as easy as possible for you. Selling Antiques at an Antiques Auction House. Valuations -- Most reputable auction houses will offer a valuation service and have ... Continue Reading

Buying Antiques on eBay

Buying antiques on eBay internet auctions is quick and profitable. It's also simple to do and fun. If you're buying antiques on internet auctions then you have to think about different things entirely, you have to factor in other aspects and learn all about the sellers customer service. The most important things to factor in when buying antiques on ebay are..., That you can't pick it up, or hold it, or feel for damage or restoration. You can't feel the quality of an item or look at ... Continue Reading

Buying Antiques at Auction

Buying Antiques at Auction is a fun and simple process that most buyers shy away from. But when buying antiques at auction you should be open minded, do not buy anything unless you've handled it and if you're unsure or can't reach it, then ask the auctioneer or a member of staff to get it, or for more information about it. There are a great many auction houses spread across the country. Some are part of chains and some are small local houses that provide a valuable local service through ... Continue Reading

George Tinworth Mice Play Goers

Wondeful Royal Doulton Collectible from my George Tinworth Mice Collection. Dated 1886 and called Play Goers by Pam (Delray, Florida) I inherited this George Tinworth mice figure from my great grandmother, this is part of my mouse collection, which was also passed down to me. It shows three little mice in front of a puppet stage, with a musician mouse to the left and a collection mouse to the right. Two tiny Tinworth mice are on stage, with a puppeteer mouse way back inside the ... Continue Reading

Lloyd Cameron & Partners: Auctioneer

Lloyd Cameron and Partners: The Auction House, North Cheshire is an independent family run firm of auctioneers and valuers based in North Cheshire with regional representatives throughout the UK Continue Reading

Looking for Information on Antique Chair

The Unknown King Chair. This antique chair is a total mystery to me. It belonged to my grandparent and I inherited it approximately 20 years ago. Continue Reading

Red Jean-Louis Godivier Chair

This Red Jean-Louis Godivier Chair was my great aunts until she passed away when she was 91 by Jan Langton (Monroe, Michigan) Photos show my Jean-Louis Godivier - D-tec Chair Front and Side View She had told us it is an original and possibly only a few Godivier D-tec chairs were made. I'm not sure on the value or any other specific details and would appreciate any help on dating the chair. And any information on Jean-Louis Godivier and whether the chair is collectable or valuable. T... Continue Reading