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Antique Auctions Terms of Sale

Antique Auctions - Terms & Conditions of Sale All antique item descriptions are based on our own experience and research and are a guide only. Submission of your bid confirms your acceptance of these terms of sale. Placing a bid on any antique auction item signifies your agreement and understanding of the following terms : Descriptions : Items are described honestly & accurately to the best of our knowledge and ability. All items (unless stated otherwise) are antique or ... Continue Reading

Antique Auction Condition Terms

Antique Auctions - Condition & Description Terms While there are pretty good standards for what constitutes 'mint' or 'near mint' regarding collectible coins, there appears to be no such standard when it comes to describing antique pottery and porcelain. We have therefore, detailed below, a list of the different words and definitions used in the descriptions of the antique items offered for sale in our antique auctions. [content_box style="red-2" title="Auction Item Condition ... Continue Reading

Antique Auctions

ART DECO - Bronze Gilt Cold Painted Gazelle & Foal c1920's A good pair of Art Deco cold painted Bronze gilt figures depicting a Gazelle with foal at foot, among stylised green foliage. [one_half] Well mounted on a rectangular marble plinth of deep chocolate brown with cream striations that compliment the figures well. Stunning if displayed on their own or suitable as bookends or as clock garnitures. A truly stunning matched pair of art deco garnitures. [/one_half] [one_half] ... Continue Reading

Add an Antique Auction House to our Antique Auctions Finder

Complete the form below to add an Antique Auction to our antiques auction finder. Complete all fields and click save to submit the auction house for approval by the Antique Marks team. Only valid operational auctioneers hosting antique and collectible sales with relevant contact details will pass the review process. Continue Reading

Helping You Find Antique Auctions Easily

[two_thirds] Find Antique Auction Houses in your local area Professional antique dealers and collectors may know where they are but for those of us who just want to find that special antique something, they're not always that easy to find. Use our antique auctions finder to locate a local auctioneer that holds regular antique sales. Because antique auctions are the best place to find good quality affordable antiques of all descriptions. And knowing where to find them means knowing the best ... Continue Reading

Antiques Collection: Rare Worcester Pot Pourri

Few things provide an antique collector with more pleasure than finding an antique they really like. This wonderful little Royal Worcester pot pourri bowl was the perfect addition to our antiques collection and sits beautifully among the other pieces of antique Worcester porcelain we own. It's been beautifully decorated in the Royal Worcester Persian style using a palette of muted shades of green and peach and bears all the right Worcester marks. Plus it came at just the right price. Continue Reading

Finding Local Antique Auctions & Auctioneers

According to the British Antique Dealers Association there are around 20,000 antique dealers & antique auction houses operating in the UK, and more than 100,000 auction houses worldwide. Using our Antique Auctions Finder makes finding your local antiques auction easy. Continue Reading

UK Antique Auctions Houses

Antique auctions, auction houses & auctioneers are by far the best source for antiques. Local UK antique auctions and auction houses are probably the best place in the world to search for and to buy antiques because of the country's rich history of invasion, conquest, trade and invention. UK Antique auctioneers probably stock and sell more genuine antiques per square mile than any other country. Almost every British town and village has an antiques shop and almost all UK cities hold ... Continue Reading

Buying Antiques on eBay

Buying antiques on eBay internet auctions is quick and profitable. It's also simple to do and fun. If you're buying antiques on internet auctions then you have to think about different things entirely, you have to factor in other aspects and learn all about the sellers customer service. The most important things to factor in when buying antiques on ebay are..., That you can't pick it up, or hold it, or feel for damage or restoration. You can't feel the quality of an item or look at ... Continue Reading

Buying Antiques at Fairs

Buying antiques at fairs and at antique and collectible markets. Some antiques and collectors fairs are world famous trading events, with reputations for superb quality items that can be found in enough quantity to satisfy even the most ambitious collector. From Europe's largest antiques event in Newark, Nottinghamshire to the small, monthly fairs like Malvern in Worcestershire. Fairs are a must for anyone with a passion for antiques and collecting, and especially for those with interior ... Continue Reading