Royal Doulton Platter – Genuine Estate Sale Find

Picked up this Royal Doulton Platter while I was working construction in Northern California next door to an estate sale.

by Dominick (San Rafael, CA)

size of Royal Doulton Platter Royal Doulton Platter Seal

Top photos show the Royal Doulton Platter Seal & the size of this Doulton Platter. Bottom photos show the Royal Doulton Platter Marks

The man who past away was the inventor of the tube vacuum system. I bought some of his tools and stumbled across this Royal Doulton platter which I just fell in love with.

I didn’t buy it at the time but a few days later when the estate sale was complete.

The organizer asked me to help him move some things in exchange for anything that was left.

Royal Doulton Platter Marking Royal Doulton Platter Marking

I was amazed to see the Doulton platter was still there, so there you have it.

If anyone knows any history about this type of Royal Doulton Platter or what the markings mean, I’d love to hear it.

I have read about the seal but can’t find information about the other markings.

Thanks, Dominick

Comments on Dominick’s Royal Doulton Platter

Royal doulton by: Anonymous

Hi, Not sure about that exact piece, however the Royal Doulton mark dates the piece between 1928 – 1932 aprox. For they used that makers mark in that period!

Cobalt blue dagger platter by: Rachel

I have a 15×19 Minton blue dagger platter from the second half of the 19th century.

Would like to sell and wondering about price. In good condition except for one small fleck on edge but does not show on front of platter.

Doulton Marks and D Numbers by: Kat

Hi Dominick,

You should have a look through the Doulton Marks Section and check your D Number against the table there

The pattern looks like it may be part of a Coulton castle series and if this is hand painted it may have the name of the castle somewhere in the artwork or on the base.

Unfortunately I can’t quite make out the Doulton impressed mark.