Red Jean-Louis Godivier Chair

This Red Jean-Louis Godivier Chair was my great aunts until she passed away when she was 91

by Jan Langton (Monroe, Michigan)

Jean-Louis Godivier - D-tec Chair Front Jean-Louis Godivier - D-tec Chair Side View

Photos show my Jean-Louis Godivier – D-tec Chair Front and Side View

She had told us it is an original and possibly only a few Godivier D-tec chairs were made.

I’m not sure on the value or any other specific details and would appreciate any help on dating the chair.

And any information on Jean-Louis Godivier and whether the chair is collectable or valuable.

Thanks in advance.

Comments on Jan’s Godivier Chair

by Kat (antique-marks) :

I believe the design is called ‘D-Tec’ and it is out of production.

This D-tec chair appears to be a relatively modern design emulating Retro or Art Deco design and was designed by Jean-Louis Godivier, circa 1980.

In a used but very good original condition I believe they can sell for upwards of 2000 euros

I would advise taking the Godivier chair to a good auction house to have it professionally appraised.

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