A Rare Wedgwood Black Jasperware Candelabra

I found this Wedgwood Black Jasperware Brass Candelabra at a local garage sale.

by Ziggy (Baldwinsville, USA)

I picked it up because it was pretty and it is decorated with zodiac signs. I believe it is a rare Wedgwood black jasperware piece.

Wedgwood Black Jasperware Candelabra full View Wedgwood Black Jasperware Candelabra Decoration

Photos above show the Wedgwood Black Jasperware Candelabra in full View and the decoration

Wedgwood Black Jasperware Base Black Jasperware Candelabra Brass Feet

Above photos show the Wedgwood Candelabra Base and Brass Feet

When I got home I looked at the bottom and noticed it must have been a nice piece, because it said ‘Made in England’.

Then after examining it further, I noticed it said Wedgwood. So, I started to research it, and couldn’t find this exact piece anywhere.

It looks to be in very good condtion. There is a little wax on it, were someone has burned candles in it, and few light surface scratches.

It has a black background with white raised designs and it has 2 ladies and swags, and the zodiac signs around the top.

It has brass (I think) arms, and feet that look like lion feet. The centerpiece can be turned.

It says B&F England on one foot and some kind of mark.

It also says ‘Made in England’ & Wedgwood.

So, I was hoping someone could help me identify it, and tell me how much it is worth.

I would appreciate it.
Thank you!