Qianlong Dynasty Vase. Is it a Good Luck find

I purchased this Quinlong or Qianlong Vase at a Goodwill for $3.99

by Tracy (Oceanside, CA)

Qianlong Dynasty Good Luck Vase Quinlong Dynasty Vase Seal Mark

Photos of Qianlong Dynasty Vase with the Qianlong Dynasty Seal Mark

It looked unusual to me and for the price I decided to buy it. After a bit of research I learned it was from the Qianlong Dynasty.

Other ones I have found have all been completely different, so I have no idea of the value.

There are very few that I have found in my research, only 4, from hours and hours of searching.

I’m hoping it is a good luck Quinlong vase, as I could always use good luck!

Any comments or help appreciated,


Comments on Tracy’s Qianlong Dynasty Good Luck Vase

No … not Quinlong by: Jackie

This is a cheap modern vase and it’s good that you didn’t pay more than $4 for it.

Not qianlong period by: Dennis

Hi Tracy, sorry to disappoint you, but your vase is not from the qianlong period

It’s not a fake also, but it is a modern contemporary vase.