Pottery Wall Plaque Marked BAS Deruta Italy

This Pottery Wall Plaque marked BAS Deruta Italy belongs to a client of mine.

by Jan, Cargo Direct (South Africa)

I am a ceramic conservator, and although the wall plaque is in perfect condition albeit a llitle dusty. I cannot find any reference to it.

Wall Plaque decoration Wall Plaque with BAS Deruta Italy mark

Photos of the BAS Deruta Italy Pottery Wall Plaque Decoration with close up of BAS Deruta Italy markin photo below

It is a three cornered wall plate with folded edges, tied with gilded laces.

The edges have a raised design and the centre is painted in a aquamarine colour on a cream base.

The illustration is in cream, outlined in black (a with a vase or ewer with flower stems and a candle holder and candle with a lit flame and a potted plant).

Close up of BAS Deruta Italy mark

The marks on the back are BAS Deruta Italy and a diamond with a dot in the centre.

There is a rumour it came from a museum in North Africa (I am in South Africa – the owner says it is from a place called Dekka). Although I cannot verify this.

I can find reference to Deruta Pottery in Italy (maiolica) but none of the images I have seen show anything quite like this.

If anyone can help identify it I would be most grateful.
Thanks, Jan