Pair Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Chargers

I have had these Chinese blue & white porcelain chargers for many years.

by Barbara Bojorquez (Saltillo, MS USA)

Chinese blue & white porcelain Chargers Close up of decoration on blue & white porcelain

Photos above show decoration on the Pair of Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Chargers

First Chinese B&W Charger Base Marks 2nd Chinese B&W Charger Base Marks

Photos above show the Chinese makers marks on the Blue & White Porcelain (Are they Kangxi or Imari maybe?)

I recently started to really take a closer look at these blue & white porcelain chargers. They were a gift from friends and are very beautiful.

I would like to know more about the history behind these pieces, especially the marking on the back. ?

I think they are Chinese Export from somewhere around the early decades of the 17th Century but would love comments from other people.

Are they Kangxi or Imari maybe?

They are Blue & White with copper coloring inside the rim near the center and most of the floral areas have gold highlights.

Anyone having knowledge of these, please respond and also I would love to know what they might be worth.


Comments on Barbara’s Pair Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Chargers

I am looking for similar Blue & White Porcelain by: Leiticia
If anyone has a pair of blue and white chargers in good condition please email leiticia AT

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Want to sell them? by: KD
Let me know if interested in selling. My email: kdmcbri01 AT

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Kangxi Plates by: Gary
Hi Barbara.
These plates are early 18th Century Chinese Kangxi. They were made during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi and subsequently over-decorated probably in Holland some time later.

The mark on the back is a ‘Shell’ and represents ‘A prosperous journey’ it is a well known Buddhist symbol.


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Chinese copy of Japanese Imari by: Ken
Age correct Chinese Imari about $200

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Blue and White chargers by: Gill
I wonder if they are Imari? Early Imari was blue and white and the other gem colours, red, russet etc colours were added later. Hope this helps