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Moorcroft Marks

A Guide to Moorcroft Marks and identifying dates for Moorcroft Pottery.

The moorcroft pottery has mainly remained in the hands of one family since its creation and Moorcroft mark changes have been quite few.

The main Moorcroft marks changed as William Moorcroft moved from Macintyre & Co, at the end of the 19th century and then when Walter Moorcroft took over from his father.

The Moorcroft marks remained steady until the modern owners instigated a system of dating and then again until modern Moorcroft design studio artists, where allowed to mark the Moorcroft pottery they personally designed or created.

Modern Moorcroft marks continue to become more elaborate and to provide more and more information.

Moorcroft collectors should be aware of the Silver Stripe that sometimes appears and is almost always through the WM monogram.

The Moorcroft silver stripe denotes a second quality or imperfect piece that has failed to pass the strict quality control that Moorcroft demands. These pieces are only ever sold at discounted prices in the Moorcroft factory shop.

Moorcroft Marks (1898-1950)

Florian ware mark


Typical early Florian ware mark in brown with handpainted William Moorcroft signature in green with ‘des’ below.

Sometimes with pattern registration number.




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Florian ware mark


Typical early Florian ware mark in brown with handpainted W.M initials in green with ‘des’ below.

Sometimes with pattern registration number.

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Macintyre Burslem England printed mark brown


Common Macintyre & Co, Burslem brown printed mark.

Can also be found in black.

Sometimes with the pattern registration number (Rd No.)

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William Moorcroft full signature


William Moorcroft full signature used from the opening of the Cobridge works along with MOORCROFT and or BURSLEM

ENGLAND added in 1916. MADE IN ENGLAND added in 1918. Sometimes
with rectangular paper label used for pricing by retailers.

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Moorcroft 'Potter to HM Queen'


Impressed stamp mark used with facsimile signature and having ‘Potter to HM Queen’ at bottom right.

Used prior to and alongside the introduction of the paper label.

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Moorcroft Royal Warrant paper label


Early version of the Royal Warrant paper label – ‘Potter To HM The Queen’.

The label was updated in 1936 to read ‘Potter To HM Queen Mary’, following the death of King George V.

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Moorcroft Marks from – (1950 on)

Walter Moorcroft initial mark


Walter Moorcroft initial mark with MOORCROFT and MADE IN ENGLAND.

Earlier Walter Moorcroft initials used a slate blue colour to differentiate
it from his father Williams.

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Walter Moorcroft full signature mark


Walter Moorcroft full signature mark.

Walters full script signature mark was only used on important pieces,
one off pieces for exhibition or limited editions.

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impressed MOORCROFT


Large impressed MOORCROFT with upper case MADE IN ENGLAND.

Occurs with and without Walter Moorcrofts monogram

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Moorcroft printed paper Royal Warrant label

c1953 – 1978

Moorcroft Royal Warrant Paper label transferred to Walter Moorcroft in 1946 and stating ‘By Appoinment
Potters To The Late Queen Mary’.

The Royal warrant expired in 1978 on the anniversary of Queen Mary’s death.

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Walter Moorcroft initial mark


Walter Moorcroft initial mark alongside impressed MOORCROFT on large limited edition Anemone vase.

Possibly signed by a paintress as Walter did not sign every single piece.

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William John Moorcroft initial mark


William John Moorcroft initial mark appears now ‘John Moorcroft’ is a director of the company and Walter a consultant.

J. Moorcroft appears on large prestigious pieces

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Modern Moorcroft mark Trial Piece


Modern Moorcroft mark depicting a trial piece.

With upper case MOORCROFT and Stoke On Trent above ENGLAND.

With trial date, copyright and WM in brown.

Older trial pieces will not have as much information.

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Modern Moorcroft mark for artist


Modern Moorcroft mark for artist and designer Rachel Bishop.

Showing the complexity of the modern mark with full signature, copyright mark and year cypher together with the standard MOORCROFT – MADE IN STOKE ON TRENT – ENGLAND

Moorcroft Year Cyphers

Moorcroft introduced year cyphers in 1990.. The first ten year cyphers are as follows:

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  • 1990 – an impressed arrow
  • 1991 – an impressed bell
  • 1992 – a candlestick
  • 1993 – a diamond shape
  • 1994 – an eye
  • 1995 – a flag
  • 1996 – a gate
  • 1997 – a HC monogram for the centenary year
  • 1998 – an iron
  • 1999 – a jug / pitcher
  • 2000 – a key with a double ‘M’ for the teeth


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