Moorcroft Designs Gallery

Our Moorcroft Designs Gallery giving you a brief look at some examples of Moorcroft pottery patterns and products.

The Moorcroft Designs Gallery includes mainly vases in the most popular designs produced by William Moorcroft and Walter Moorcroft.

We’ve also included a few of the more modern designs by the artists from the Moorcroft Design Studio.

Including Sally tuffin, Rachel Bishop, Philip Gibson, Emma Bossons and Sian Leeper.


No# Size
William Moorcroft Salt Glaze Dawn Pattern Bowl Moorcroft Dawn Pattern Bowl

A rare William Moorcroft salt glaze Dawn pattern bowl decorated in typical blue colourway.

4 inch diameter & 2 inch high with Moorcroft impressed marks to base.

Signed in blue with W.M. intials. Dating circa 1925

Moorcroft Macintyre Poppy Design Vase Moorcroft Macintyre Poppy Design Vase

Vase of slender baluster form, finely tube lined and decorated in red, blue and green in the Macintyre Poppy design within forget-me-not borders on a cream ground.

6ins high with brown printed Macintyre Factory mark to base

Signed in full in green W. Moorcroft. Dating circa 1908

Moorcroft Moonlit Blue Landscape Bowl
Moorcroft Moonlit Blue Landscape Bowl
The Moonlit Blue Landscape design was introduced in 1922.A rare specimen vase was exhibited at the British Empire Exhibition in 1924.The Moonlit Blue has become very popular with serious collectors.
Moorcroft Peacock Design Vase
Moorcroft Peacock Design Vase
This Peacock Feather design is an extension of an earlier design and reflects the simplification that Moorcroft designs underwent during the 1930’s.Minimalist versions are reduced to just the peacock feather eye in combination with equally minimalist flower heads. It can often be found combined with banding … c1930’s

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A selection of Moorcroft Pomegranate Design Vases & Bowl

The pomegranate design was initially called Merena when it was sold through Liberty & Co.

The selection includes a beautiful William Moorcroft vase in his rare Pomegranate design, first produced by William in 1910. Depicting hand painted pomegranates and berries in rich deep colours upon a mottled cobalt blue ground.

Moorcroft Pomegranate Design Bowl Moorcroft Pomegranate Design Baluster Vase Moorcroft Pomegranate Design Vase
Moorcroft Eventide Design Vase Moorcroft Poppy Design Vase Moorcroft Siberian Iris Design Vase
Left – Moorcroft Eventide Design Vase
Moorcroft Poppy Design Vase
The original poppy design was produced in 1902-03 with purple flowers on tall stems on a white ground.
Moorcroft Siberian Iris Design Vase

The Siberian Iris design was produced by Sian Leeper. There are several limited editions in this design.


Moorcroft Anemone Design Vase

Moorcroft Anemone Design Vase

Anemone was first produced in 1938. The initial design included large open, bulbous flowers and elongated foliage. A special anemone vase was designed by William Moorcroft in 1947

Moorcroft Florian Ware Vases Pair Moorcroft Florian Ware Vases

The first Florian ware designs date from 1898 and continue to c1905. Florian Ware had its own Macintyre & Co. mark and was signed by William Moorcroft. Many different designs were produced

Moorcroft Fresia Design Vase Moorcroft Fresia Design Vase

Freesia was designed by Walter Moorcroft in 1954. Initially only used on two vases, plus a bowl and a coaster design.

Moorcroft Hibiscus Design Vase  

Moorcroft Hibiscus Design Vase

The hisbiscus pattern was designed by Walter Moorcroft in 1949.

The arrival of pressed flowers from Jamaica inspired Walter.

The design was re-drawn in 1960, when buds were removed to balance some some colours.

Moorcroft Pansy Design Bowl Moorcroft Pansy Design Bowl

The early pansy design included bands of yellow, mauve and red flowers with pale green foliage.

Between 1913 and 1918 the flowers became darker and the ground progressed to the mottled blue seen here and a mottled green.

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