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How Much is An Antique Record Player Cabinet Worth?

Record Player Cabinet

Cabinets were a staple when it came to recording players at one point in time. All record players had a cabinet that would surround the record player and protect the player. Today, there may be some people who want it for the purpose of listening to music, while there are others that collect antique items for display and to enjoy the look of such a beautiful object. There are also many people who purchase antiques such as vintage record player cabinets to restore and then resell.

Antique record player cabinets are not easy to find today. Even if you were to look for one that is new, they just are not made as they were in the past. Today, record players have digressed back to a suitcase-type of case. There may also be some that are a thinner model than what a record player once was.

Today, record players are making a comeback, whether they come back to the state of a gorgeous cabinet that holds the record player is another dream together. History does repeat itself in many forms, clothing, and furniture as well as other objects, so for those of us that can truly show an appreciation for antique furniture, our day may still arrive.

Otherwise, start doing some research online. There are many sites that do have antique record player cabinets for sale. You may be able to make a bid and own one for yourself. You could also visit flea markets, estate sales, auctions and thrift stores.

Sometimes what you are able to locate at any one of these locations may astound you and you may even be able to get it for an extremely cheap price. Warning though, Thrift stores have begun to wisen up and do not sell vintage items as cheap as they once did. However, if you go to an out-of-town, smaller location, in a small out-of-the-way town, you may be able to score one at a very good price.

Reselling is another option for many people. Not everyone who collects antique record player cabinets is in it for a hefty price tag. Some people choose to purchase and restore so that they may be able to admire their purchase and their handiwork.

Then you will find that there are many people who purposely visit the above-mentioned places and are able to find these objects. These are the people who will take the time to restore and refinish the antique record play cabinet and sell it for a profit. Others will research and possibly just lightly clean the Antique Record player cabinet and then list it for sale.

There are Auction houses that may accept these Antique record player cabinets on a commission basis. This will depend on a few important aspects. The brand, the style, the design, the age and especially the condition.

Where can you find them?

Record Player Cabinet

The antique or vintage record players with or without the cabinets can be found in various locations. Or should I state that they could hopefully be found in various locations? Some of the locations could include Flea Markets, abandoned buildings: with owner permission first, thrift stores, Auction houses, online auctions, collector sites and many Antique sellers.

These are not items that can be found all the time. Antiques are beginning to get harder and harder to come across. When you are lucky enough to find one, if it is possible, purchase the item. Of course, this is only if you are interested in the item. Antique record player cabinets are not of interest to many people. That is one reason why the value fluctuates as it does.

In order to make a profit on a Vintage or Antique record player cabinet, some of the factors that would play into the value include the brand, the design, the condition and the model. It will also make a big difference if all the pieces are still with it.

How to maintain the cabinet

Record Player Cabinet

In an obvious generality statement, you would want to maintain the Antique record player cabinet, in the same manner, you would maintain all your other furniture. However, there are some actions that should not be taken with Antiques.

For instance, certain cleaning products are not recommended to be used. Such as water should not be something that sits on antique wood. You do not want to use a cleaning product with acid in the ingredients. A damp cloth should be sufficient to clean the antique record player cabinet.

The antique record player cabinet should not be placed near a window with direct sunlight. The sunlight can cause further damage to the item which can bring the value lower. The cabinet should also not be placed on or over a heater vent. The heat could damage the internal parts or the records if there are any.

The components of an Antique record player would be in possibly rough and delicate condition at the same time. Delicate meaning that they may be very close to splitting or breaking, the same as the rough shape. They may be considered in bad condition, meaning that they could break at any time.


Record Player Cabinet

Obviously, the value will also depend on numerous factors. The age, the condition, the brand and the design. The model may also play a part in the appraisal. I actually read online just a few days ago about a “Fisher’ Record player cabinet. The online appraiser was unable to give a quote as he had never heard of the brand prior to this. In other words, there are some very rare brands that may not be well known even to Appraisers.

The odd thing is the Fisher Company is still in business.  The story goes, that the person with this cabinet from Fisher, ultimately contacted the Fisher manufacturer themselves and the company is willing to purchase the cabinet for their Museum.

The point is that you never know what will transpire if you are looking to sell an Antique record Cabinet. If you are unable to locate a buyer that is willing to pay the value, you may have better luck contacting the company themselves, if they are still in business.


Record Player Cabinet

The brand is an important factor. One would automatically believe the more common the brand name, the more value is in the Antique record cabinet. This is not always the case. A lesser-known manufacturer with fewer cabinets made at the time will bring a much higher price than the company who made too many of the cabinets and therefore saturated the market with the product.

If there are still thousands of cabinets available, their value is far lower than those cabinets where there are very few that may be found.


Record Player Cabinet

The design may have a large impact on the value of the Antique Record player cabinet. Many of the cabinets were made in a plain and simple style with nothing to set them apart.

While there were others that were made with more of a decorative and fancy design. Obviously, these designs are going to bring in a higher value. The only way they would not is if the plain style is in almost immaculate condition versus very worn and with parts missing.


Record Player Cabinet

Again, the condition will depend on many factors, just as the manufacturer does. As stated, some may be much more decorative or fancy versus some that are extremely plain and simple. The condition of the two is going to determine the value of the cabinet.

If, by chance, the condition of both the plain cabinet and the much more decorative cabinet is basically the same, then obviously the fancier design will be worth more. Again, this is going to depend on the number of available cabinets also.


Record Player Cabinet

Then, of course, you will have some that are winners no matter what. There are some simple models that have very little design on the exterior, however, they can be worth much more when compared to the more decorative types. The value is all dependent on the number that is available and the conditions, styles, and designs. There is also the matter of demand.

The true value of an Antique Record cabinet may very well lie in the eyes of the beholder, or the collector. When a collector knows the brand, knows what they are seeking and knows where to go to find an option, they are the winners. The value of a true Antique collector’s item is going to vary from collector to collector.

To reiterate, there are some collectors who locate, restore and resell to make a profit. There are others who choose to locate and restore so they alone can admire the beauty of the piece. The old saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An Antique is worth searching out when you know what is in demand and you do not find yourself with the same as everyone else, especially if Antiques are a part of your livelihood.