German Porcelain Candelabra with Crossed Swords Mark

I have a twin branch German porcelain candelabra with a seated cherub playing a flute at the center with a pink rose at its feet.

by Bill Hinton (Williamsburg, VA, USA)

Front view of German porcelain porcelain candelabra Rear view of German porcelain porcelain candelabra

Photos of front view of German porcelain candelabra and rear view of my candelabra

Close up of cherub wings Crossed Swords Makers Marks on Base of candelabra

Close up photos of Cherub wings and the crossed swords marks on base

The wings on the cherub’s back are asymmetrical; I thought it might have been damaged and repaired, but it appears to be original.

The German porcelain candelabra is 6.5 inches high and 9.75 inches wide.

It is marked “Dresden” above “Germany” in blue on the bottom, faded but legible, with what appears to be crude crossed swords mark, although more like crossed check marks or a letter “V” over “W”, also blue.

It also has the number “203” on the bottom.

This came to me in my mother’s estate. She probably bought it in Germany in the early 1960’s; my father was stationed there in the Army.

I don’t know what she paid for it but would love to know more about this German porcelain candelabra and possibly a valuation.

Regards, Bill

Comments on Bill’s German Porcelain Candelabra

your cherub playing the flute by: mike simmonds

Hi, I also have one of these. Did you ever find out the value? If so maybe you could mail me at mikesimm AT to let me know.

Thanks Mike