Help ID Marks on Jo’s Flow Blue Pitcher & Basin

Can you help ID the marks on my Flow Blue pitcher & basin

by JoAnn Shofner, Tulsa, OK

Hello, I live in Tulsa, OK. My great aunt was a big antique collector and she died in 1968.

My father inherited a great amount from her and much of it was stored above the garage since that time.
Antique Flow Blue Pitcher & Basin Set
Now I have all of it and I found a piece that I hope you would find interesting and may be able to tell me something about it.

I have attached a couple of photos, with the hope that you would agree to look at them and save some time communicating.

The mark is impressed and I have taken a couple of different ones, very close up – just to see what shows up. Lion, dragon, bird, dog, unicorn all seem possible. They do appear different than each other to me.

The words Flo Blue are clear, but on this color piece?

It doesn’t go with any info I have read. I certainly doubt a forger would try to pass that off.

It’s been at our house almost 50 years, but my great aunt had it for years before she died.

This is something I have not found any information.
Underglaze Mark on Flow Blue Pitcher & Basin
I did read that real basins from that time would be glazed on the bottom to protect them from any water damage.

The flow blue pitcher has marks similar to some ironware marks, but that is all I have found. Nothing with the same mark, nor the words Flo Blue.

Thank you all very much for your time. It would mean a lot to me if I could learn anything. If you are at all interested, I sent you the photos small, so it would be easier to download. They could be sent where you can see the detail, if you would like.

You have a fabulous website. There is so much information out there and you have done a beautiful job in organizing and delivering very important knowledge.

Thank you for sharing what you have learned. Too few really have the skills and know how to make much of what we take for granted.

Thanks for everything!