Doulton Artist Monograms (S)

Royal Doulton artist monograms beginning with or including the letter S.

Including Eliza Simmance, Harry Simeon and Emily Stormer. Sorted alphabetically by surname from left to right.

We’ve provided real life examples of Royal Doulton marks and artist monograms in the Doulton Gallery and the Pottery Marks index.

NOTE: Most royal doulton artists and assistants were encouraged to use a mark or artist monogram that included their initials.

A quick click through to the relevant character below will help you find any Doulton artist monogram easily.

For information on the Royal Doulton standard lion and crown marks and the various Doulton pattern and date numbers see our doulton marks section.

Glossary of Royal Doulton Artist Marks (S)

Susanna M Sanderson> Agnes D Sandes F Sawyer
Doulton Artist Monograms - sanderson-susanna doulton artists marks - sandes-agnes Doulton Artist Monogram - sawyer-f
A Sayers Elizabeth A Sayers Fanny Sayers
Doulton Artist Monograms - sayers-a
artists marks - sayers-a
royal doulton artist mark - sayers-elizabeth doulton artists marks - sayers-fanny
Rosalie Scott> G Sharpe G Shears
Royal Doulton Artist Monograms - scott-rosalie doulton artist - sharpe-g artists marks - shears-g
Elizabeth Shelley Annie Shelton Lizzie Shettleworth
doulton artists marks - shelley-elizabeth doulton artist mark - shelton-annie royal doulton artist - shettleworth-lizzie
F Shipman A Shute Emma Shute
doulton artists marks - shipman-f doulton artists marks - shute-a Doulton Artist Monogram - shute-emma
Harry Simeon Eliza Simmance Alice MM Skidmore
Doulton Artist Monogram - simeon-harry Doulton Artist - simmance-eliza
Doulton artist marks - simmance-eliza
royal doulton artists marks - skidmore-alice
Mary Slater Elizabeth M Small Katherine B Smallfield
doulton artists marks - slatter-mary Doulton Artists Monogram - small-elizabeth artist mark - smallfield-kath
doulton artists marks - smallfield-kath
Mildred B Smallfield Alice G Smith Ellen B Smith
royal doulton artists marks - smallfield-mildred Doulton Artist Monograms - smith-alice doulton artist - smith-ellen
royal doulton artists marks - smith-ellen
doulton artists marks - smith-ellen
E Smith Frances Smith Georgie Smith
doulton artist - smith-e doulton artist mark - smith-frances doulton artists marks - smith-georgie
Gertrude Smith Catherine A Sparkes E Spong
royal doulton artist - smith-gertrude
doulton artists marks - smith-gertrude
doulton artist mark - sparkes-catherine doulton artists marks - spong-e
A Spurrell Fanny Stable Mary Starey
royal doulton artists marks - spurrell-a artists marks - stable-fanny royal doulton marks - starey-mary
doulton artists mark - starey-mary
Eliza Stock Emily E Stomer N Straker
artists marks - stock-eliza Doulton Artist Monograms - stormer-emily Doulton Monogram - straker-n
Emilie M Stratford E Stratton Katherin Sturgeon
doulton artists marks - stratford-emilie artists marks - stratton-e royal doulton artist marks - sturgeon-kath

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Use the alphabetical index below for marks that include other characters.


Table RDa.200 Doulton Marks & Monograms Index

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