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Cookies we set

Below is a list of the cookies set by this website and a description of the purpose of each.


ARPT – session cookie
We use multiple servers to host our website and content. In order to provide you with a consistent browsing experience we use this cookie to help us direct your browser to the same server each time you visit a page. This cookie will be destroyed every time you close your browser.

Each visitor to the antique-marks website is assigned a unique visitor ID which lets us anonymously identify their computer for the duration of their visit to our website. This allows us to provide you with additional benefits such as vouchers for signing up to our mailing list. This cookie is destroyed every time you close your browser.

Cookies set by 3rd parties

Below is a list of the cookies set by other websites to provide you with enhanced functions and a consistent experience thorugh utilising their services.

Google Plus

Some of our pages feature sharing buttons or other features from Google Plus, a social media network, were antique-marks maintains a presence. Google may set cookies for this service.

For more information on how Google uses cookies, please refer to their privacy policy.


Some of our pages use Facebook sharing buttons. Facebook may set a number of cookies to store your login status, preferences or other information.

For more information on what cookies Facebook uses, please refer to Facebook’s Data Use Policy

Google Analytics

We utilise analytics software called Google Analytics to help us identify the ways in which our customers use our website, the content they like and to define where improvements can be made.

Google stores this information on servers in the United States. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if they are required to do so by law or if the third party processes information on Google’s behalf.

This information is aggregated and anonymised. Google does not associate your IP address or personal details with any of this data.

For more information on how Google uses cookies, please refer to their Privacy & Terms.

Google API

Some of our pages use “captcha” technology which may set cookies on your computer. Catpchas involve showing slightly jumbled or obscured words or letters and asking the reader to type the words.

Computer systems have difficulty reading the images and including captcha tests help us reduce spam.

Some of our pages may also include graphs or charts which are generated on-the-fly using real time data. The systems we use to generate these may also store cookies on your computer.

Cookies set by Google reCaptcha include HSID, APISID & SID. These are essential site cookies, used by google reCAPTCHA as a unique identifier for tracking purposes.

For more information on how Google uses cookies, please refer to their privacy policy.

Google Maps

Some of our pages include interactive maps provided by Google, and Google may set cookies to store information and preferences about maps or other associated Google services on pages where we embed Google maps.

For more information on how Google uses cookies, please refer to their privacy policy.

Google Ads

Some of our pages include advertisements provided by Google, and Google may set cookies to to make sure that ads are safe, unobtrusive and as relevant as possible.

For more information on how Google Ads use cookies, please refer to How Google uses cookies in advertising. you may also like to know How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps

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