Collectable Coin Holders

Using Coin Holders and Albums to Protect Your Coin Collection…

Coin collectors should always make sure they build and look after their coin collection in the best way possible.

Building up and caring for your coin collection are two different aspects of coin collecting.

After all, your coin collection is a valuable and precious asset, and you should be able to display it proudly and in the best possible manner.

So, we shall try to offer you easy access to the best coin holders, the best coin albums, envelopes and folders and to the best information resource for coin collecting.

We hope you find our selection of coin collecting guides and resources useful and helpful.

Coin holder box and coin holders

In the best coin holders AIRTIGHT and SELF SEAL are the most important factors.
  • Airtight – means that the coin holder can be guaranteed airtight for up to 100 years. This should guarantee there is zero chance of oxidation or corrosion and ensures your coins maintain their grade and lustre.
  • Self Seal – means easy, simple mounting . You should be able to simply place your coin in the correct size pocket, fold on a pre-scored line and press closed. That should be all there is to it. No awkward holding of the coin in place while stapling the coin holder together, simple easy seal.

Display your coins and banknotes properly using professionally constructed Coin Albums.

Coin Album

Make sure you purchase the best coin albums you can afford. That the album can take extra pages and those pages are priced competitively and in multiple packs.

There’s nothing worse than either finding your entire coin collection won’t fit in your coin album

Or that it can’t be extended easily and you have to transfer all your coins to another, bigger album.

One coin collectors experience with an inferior quality coin album…

This has got to be the worst designed coin album ever. The openings for coins are top and bottom – fill in the top – turn it round to fill in the bottom and coins fall out the top.

Not to be used for any coin of value. You are provided with 4 leaves for small coins, enough for 144 coins but only 2 leaves, enough for just 24 large coins. Where’s the logic there? A 2p coin is medium.

The plastic is also slightly frosted so don’t expect a clear viewW Mulhearn

Make sure you store, protect and display your collectible coins with confidence, always use good quality coin holders and albums that are fit for the purpose.