Identify Chinese Porcelain Cup and Saucer. Maybe Japanese

Japanese or Chinese Cup and Saucer bought for 6d.

by Ginny (Halifax, Yorkshire)

Japanese or Chinese Cup The base of the Chinese cup

Above photos show my Chinese porcelain Cup and the base of the Chinese cup – You can just see the shape

Marks on the base of the Chinese saucer Chinese saucer decoration

Above photos show the marks on the base of the Chinese porcelain saucer and the Chinese saucer decoration

I bought this small Chinese cup and saucer as a child, in a jumble sale for 6d. I have always loved it although it is very crude.

The cup is a pretty shape – slightly formed like a four petalled flower. Although, the decoration does appear crudely done.

I have no idea about the marks on the bottom of the Chinese cup and saucer but would love to know something about them.

There are no marks on the bottom of the cup.

Any and all help greatly appreciated,

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Value of Japanese Cup & Saucer by: Ginny

Interesting Vikki
I have already had a reply to say it is in fact Japanese and not Chinese. I have no idea of it’s value at all.

I’d be interested to know which part of the country you are in though. I got mine in Eastry in Kent when I was a child.

Same as your cup and saucer by: Vikki

I have one of these Chinese cup and saucers given to me by my husbands late grandmother is it valuable?


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  • I also have one of these Japanese cup and saucer. The cup is a slightly different shape, being round with fluted edging. No marks at all on either. I inherited from my mother who was from Halifax, although I think bought by my grandfather in an antique sale, either in Halifax or Leeds.

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