Can You Help Identify My Antique Ginger Jar

My Grandma was given this antique ginger jar in the mid 1920’s

by Carole Hughes (Liverpool, England)

She was in service and the lady of the house gave her the ginger jar when she left to start a family.

I inherited the antique ginger jar when Grandma passed away and it was always kept in the glass cabinet.

That is all we know about our antique ginger jar and its just sat in my cabinet ever since my grandma passed away in 1993.

I have always thought I would look into it one days to see if it is actually an antique.

The only way I can describe it is, it’s like a fancy ginger jar with a motif on the side and writing saying ‘DUNKERQUE‘.

The makers marks underneaththe base of the ginger jar are what look like M with a G over it with a line over the top part of the G and 1846.

Can You Identify My Antique Ginger Jar?

Any and all help greatly appreciated.


Comments for Can You Identify My Antique Ginger Jar

Possible G M mark  by: Charles K.
Your jar maker could be the potter Geoffrey Maund who ran Geoffrey Maund Pottery Ltd in Croydon Surrey around 1952. He produced hand made earthenwares and marked them with a G over an M
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Grandma’s Antique Ginger Jars by: Susan
I also have antique Ginger Jars, two matching, one with a cover and one without. They are from my grandmother who traveled to China by boat in the early 1920s.

The pattern colour is burnt orange and there are three different sets of patterns. Vertical stripes at the bottom, flowers with Fleur-de-lys around the middle and at the top there is a band of repeating patterns.

The marking on the bottom read China with two squares one on top of each other and an X on either side.

What do you think I have?