Blown Art Glass Vase with Silver Holder

Hand Blown Art Glass Vase with Silver Holder

by Gayle (SC, USA)

We own an antiques shop that sells sterling silver and this was a piece a customer brought in to sell.

I don’t think we paid much at all for it, and probably this was only to cover the cost of the sterling silver holder.

We brought it home to keep and thought very little more about what it is or who made it.

We enjoy blown glass, so I put it in a window to catch the light and today I noticed a bit of writing under the outside top rim.

The name is very difficult to see, but looks sort of like ‘Art de Nancy’.

The ‘A’ and the first ‘N’ are odd looking, and might be something else.

There might be an ‘e’ between the ‘c’ and ‘y’.

This script might have been done with some silvery inlay, but not sure.

The sterling silver base has a J.E. Caldwell mark and also a leafy looking wreath with what might be a sword dividing it.

Inside the art glass vase is an American quarter (tail side up … so no date) that was used to seal the bottom where the glass was cut after blowing.

The glass and holder measure about 8.5″ tall.

It would be great if someone could add anything about the blown glass or the silver holder.

Comments for Blown Glass Vase with Silver Holder

Not a vase! by: Gal T.
Hi there – came across your page whilst trying to identify a pair of lampshades I’ve just acquired.

Identical in form to the one on your silver stand. Also marked as you describe your art glass vase but in more orange colour-way. Now trying to find a suitable stand for them.

Good luck in your quest for info.

question by: Anonymous

No, we think the glass was added to the silver base later. Probably just something the owners came up with to help salvage the glass which may have broken from a larger object.

Base origin by: Anonymous

I have the exact same silver base with, presumably, the original art glass vase. I’m wondering if you ever learned anything more about the silver base.



Emile Galle Possibly by: Charles
Hi, your vase looks as if it was originally a beautiful art glass vase, which suffered some damage to the base and has been quite uniquely brought back to life.

Possibly lost its base and was placed into the silver holder, with the quarter added to ensure it could still be used as it was meant.

The vase itself may possibly be Emile Galle or Emile Galle inspired.

Galle was the head of l’ecole de nancy membership of which was resticted to men who had achieved pre-eminence in their particular fields and included; the potter Hesteaux – fine glass makers, the Daum brothers – painter and artists Victor Prouve and Majorelle, the outstanding furniture maker.

You can read more about Emile Galle Glass, the L’ecole de Nancy and Art Nouveau Glass here.