Art Nouveau Belt Buckle

Can you help with this Art Nouveau Goddess Motif Belt Buckle

by Jenna Mmatthys (Minneapolis,MN, USA)

Goddess Motif Belt Buckle Goddess Motif Belt Buckle

Photos show my actual Goddess Motif Belt Buckle

I got this Art nouveau 2 piece goddess motif belt buckle, in bronze or brass, in a silent auction at a thrift store near my house.

I have had zero luck identifying the makers mark shown in the photo. I think it’s a really cute buckle and would love to know more about it. It being art nouveau is just a guess!

I paid $10-15 for it. I couldn’t get the makers mark to come up but it is a raised triangle inside a raised circle with the initials C&R.

The letters C and R are on opposite sides of the triangle with the & symbol in between.

Can anybody help a sister out?