I’m looking for Information on my Antique Vase which is stamped MADE IN ENGLAND 429

by Adam (Australia)

Photos of my antique vase show the vase top rim and the makers mark – Made in England 429

Antique White Vase Antique White Vase Top Rim

Antique White Vase Mark - Made in England 429

Hi. I was hoping someone may know something about this Antique Vase

ie: who made it, approximately when it was made, and any approximate value in its current condition.

It was with a couple of other vases and items among my Grandmothers belongings when she passed and my mother said she thinks its very old and could be valuable.

The antique vase stands 28.5cm high and weighs approx 1.5 kilograms and is approx 23 cm across handle end to handle end

Thank you in advance for any help.

Comments on Adam’s Antique Vase stamped MADE IN ENGLAND 429

Thank you by: Adam

Hi, thank you very much Richard. Armed with the info you supplied i was able to find one identical (but hand painted), that had sold at a site. It’s details are below.

Beswick Pottery circa 1936-40 11.5″ Double Handled Vase, Mold #429, $140.00

Thank you very much again

Shape 429 by: Richard Brown

Hi there. Your vase is made by Beswick and the shape number is 429.