Curious Antique Wedgwood Plate

I’m curious about the origins of my antique Wedgwood Plate decorated with men and horses at work …

by Joyce (England, U.K)

I have added photos showing the Wedgwood plate decoration as well as the AS mark and the Wedgwood impressed mark

Wedgwood Plate Decoration Full View of Wedgwood Plate

AS mark on Wedgwood Plate Wedgwood Impressed Mark

This antique Wedgwood plate has been around for as long as I can remember, as it belonged to an Aunt of my mother.

I’ve been downsizing ornaments and have passed on many items to a charity shop, but I thought I would check out the antique marks on this plate using google but without success.

The plate measures 9″ across, has a floral edge and what looks like an industrial picture in the centre depicting men and horses at work.

It is coloured a shade of red on whitish cream.

The back of this antique Wedgwood plate has an impressed WEDGWOOD mark and letters that look like ‘A S’.

There is also the word TRENT in a red shade and what looks like a 7 in blue.

Hopefully someone can satisfy my curiosity.