Antique Terms (U)

An Antique Marks Glossary of Antique Terms & Meanings beginning with U

Undercut to Unite: Antique Terms (U)

From undercut to urn, below you will find antique related words or antique terms beginning with ‘u’ and covering eveything in between.

undercut (furniture – carving )

Ornamental carving that is cut so deep that the decoration stands out from the body of the piece and that in some parts stands completely free of it.

underframing (furniture – support)

The support structure under a seat, table top, dresser, cabinet or other piece.

underglaze (decoration – technique)

The design or colours applied, cut or incised into a ceramic body prior to glazing and firing.

Coin Collecting - Unite Coin

unite (coin – gold – British)

A 17thC. british gold coin of £1 in value.

Handsome triple-unites were struck by king charles I at shrewsbury and oxford mints in the 1640’s. See: Coin Collecting and Numismatics and Gold James I Unite – Coin Collecting Reviews

upholsterers chair (furniture – chair – for hire)

A single chair with a fabric covered back and seat. 17thC. upholsterers hired out the chairs to private households. See: Identifying Antique Furniture and Furnishings

upright (furniture – support)

The frame of a chair back in one piece with the back legs. Also any vertical support on a piece of furniture.

urn stand (furniture – small table)

A small table introduce in the 18thC. and used to stand a tea urn on. Sometimes with a pull-out slide for a teapot.

utility scheme (design standard – WWII)

british utility scheme mark - civilian clothing

A scheme introduced during world war II intended to force manufacturers in all fields to standardise designs and reduce raw material wastage.

It produced drab utilitarian furniture, clothing and effects and its influence continued through to the 1950’s.

Utility scheme ceramics tended to be simple unadorned pieces in white or cream.

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