Antique Painting by Cabisada

I have this wonderful antique painting signed V Cabisada

by Vitor Martins (Orange NSW- Australia)

Signed Antique Painting by V Cabisada

Signed Antique Painting by V Cabisada

Someone told me that the artist is Spanish-Philipino and I would really appreciate any help in discovering more about it.

The subject depicts a colorful landscape with a view mountains in the distance, viewed over a pond or lake, with a cottage on a knoll to the right and a wooded glade to the left.

The painting is signed at the bottom left corner and is quite a beautiful piece of art.

I would like to know when V Cabisada painted it and possibly how much it is worth?

Thank you for all help provided.

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Cabisada by: Anonymous

I also have a Cabisada. Mine is of a cock fight. Very cool painting. Mine has the year “65” by the signature.

Venancio cabisada jr by: Marilou Israel

I would like to know if V stands for venancio? He is also a painter that used to have gallery in ermita? I like his work.

V Cabisada by: Vitor

Thank You George, I love my painting by V Cabisada and would like to buy some more. vitoryinhim AT


Victor Cabisada by: Anonymous

Victor Cabisada was a painter from the Philippines. He mostly painted landscapes. This is one of them. He had a son, also Victor Cabisada Jr, he did lots of still life and more commercial kind of stuff.

V Cabisada by: George Shaw

I also have a Cabisada painting. An excellent still life. Bought for $10 at a car boot sale on the Gold Coast, Queensland. No idea what it is worth but it has to be more than the $10 I paid for it.

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