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Using and Navigating the antique marks website.

The antique marks navigation is quite simple and navigation consists of three main on-page sections plus the antique marks sitemap and the search function.

The Main Section Navigation –

Section NavigationThis appears at the top of every page. It is the same on each page and includes buttons to navigate to the Home page and other main sections of the site. Simply click on the text to navigate to that section. click image to enlarge

This is within the right hand sidebar and consists of text links that change in reference to the section you are in. Page navigation for that section will appear at the top of the sidebar and the main section links will be shuffled down below these.

Fixed Footer Navigation

This is found at the bottom of each page and usually remains the same throughout the site. Hovering over the headings in this section will reveal further options that will take you to one of the sub-sections of the site, including the antiques shop and the antique business listings and the auctions calendar. There are also direct links to the various antique marks pages, the full alphabetical listing for the antiques glossary, and site information pages such as our privacy policy and contact form.

Social Media Icons

The right header navigation also includes icons representing various social bookmarking and sharing sites and clicking on one of these icons will open a new window allowing you to follow, circle or connect with antique-marks in your favourite social media.

Site Search Tool

This is found at the top of the right hand column and allows the visitor to search the entire antique marks site.

The site search tool is powered by Google and once a search query is submitted will return with a new page displaying pages for all sections that match the visitors search term.

The user then simply clicks on a relevant heading to be taken to that page or section.

Our site search tool is quite versatile and allows the user to refine specific searches to allow for targeted content results. Is is also one of the quickest ways to find specific information.

Antique Marks Sitemap

You can also click through to the antique marks sitemap and use this index of all the main sections and webpages to quickly find the subject you are interested in.

Option navigation allows a single click to take you directly to that section or the specific page you choose.

Backtrack using your breadcrumb trail

Below each page heading there are breadcrumbs, which can be used to progress back through the logical structure of that section, ie; the sequence of pages you would logically follow to get from the antique marks homepage to the current page.

Simply click on one of the preceding page links to to be taken to that page.[divider style=”hr-solid-double”]

Using Antique Marks – getting the best from the site is a large site and it covers a wide variety of antique subjects and information. The site is growing continually as we add more and more antique references and user contributions.

To help our visitors to get the best from the site we have included the navigation options detailed above and also the ability to add your own antiques and antique business details.

Finding Information & Antique Marks

In a large complex website such as, which contains more than a thousand individual pages covering subjects from collecting antique ceramics to buying at auctions; finding your way around and the information you are looking for requires a little bit of forethought.

1. General Navigation Principles

Every webpage on contains a variety of navigation options and you can use these to find the information you want quickly or to get back to a section you have already visited. (click image to enlarge)

  • Site Navigation … is located at the top of every page and will take you to the start of each main section
  • Site Search Function … located at the top right on the shaded bar above the right sidebar. Use this to search for specific content or all pages containing a subject or term.
  • Social Bookmarks … located to the right of the fixed footer bar. Click on the relevant icon to bookmark the current page using your preferred social media site
  • Section Navigation …, located in the right margin. Options available will change depending on the section visited
  • In Page Navigation …, Text underlined and outlined in blue. Not all pages will have this, but for those that do this function helps the reader navigate through related parts of the subject.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation …, located at the bottom of the main content in that page. useful if you wish to move backwards through the logical steps to that subject or re-trace your steps.
  • Site Information Navigation …, located to the left of the fixed footer bar and includes links to important site information such as our privacy policy, the sitemap, the latest updates, our contact page, etc;
2. Finding Antiques Information …

Antique-marks is organised in a way that makes this relatively simple. so, as an example let’s say we want to find a a date for a Doulton stoneware vase.

  • From the home page select ‘Collecting – Antique Ceramics’
  • Click ‘Royal Doulton’ in the right navigation to open the Doulton section
  • Click on ‘Doulton Marks’ link in the new right margin section navigation
  • Browse the marks until you find the one you’re looking for

Follow a similar path to find information on other antiques. Whether you’re looking for examples of Worcester fruit painted porcelain or Troika Pottery marks.

3. Finding Antique Marks & Other Antiques Information

Antique-marks contains a wealth of antique related information and advice. Some of this is specific to manufacturers such as Royal Doulton, Sevres, Wedgwood and others but the Antiques Glossary contains a lot more antiques information; as do the Buying, Selling and Caring for Antiques Sections.

There are various ways to locate this information …,

  • Navigate Through Sections …, eg; if looking for information on Selling Antiques at Auction click on the Selling Antiues section and browse the section navigation in the right margin. If looking for information on Cuckoo Clocks click on the Antique Clocks section and scroll throught the clocks sections.
  • Browse Section Home Pages …, eg; have a look at the main Collecting Antique Ceramics page and you will see that it contains links to almost all manufacturers and subjects in that section. Other sections have similar pages.
  • Use the Site Search Function …, simply enter the phrase or term that covers what you are looking for and click ‘Site Search’. You will be provided with a page listing all antique-marks pages that contain that phrase or search term and you can simply select the most relevant.
  • Use the Sitemap …, The antique-marks sitemap is an index of all pages within all sections and is very easy to use. Most sections have their own icon, which makes them easy to locate and simply clicking on the subject you are interested in will take you straight to that page or section

Using a combination of the Sitemap and Site Search is probably the simplest way to find specific information, however it does mean you could miss other interesting information you may not know or have thought existed.


If you’d like to help promote the antique-marks reference and you have your own website then please link back to using information and images on the link to Antique Marks page. Of course we don’t all have a website, but you can still spread the word by bookmarking your favourite antique-marks page using the social media icons at the top right of every page. [/content_box]

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