Antique J&B Seltzer Bottle

Got this Antique Jewsbury & Brown Seltzer Bottle in a box of stuff at a yard sale

by Maybelle (Louisiana, USA)

Antique J & B Seltzer Bottle

Photos shows my actual antique J & B Seltzer Bottle

I am curious whether it is antique and if so what age it might be.

The glass is etched with a large J&B inside a six pointed star or two triangles. The J&B has “Jewsbury & Brown” below it.

There is also JEWSBURY & BROWN MANCHESTER etched near the base and on the metal top.

It looks like IP20 or 1920 below the Jewsbury & Brown on the metal top.

Love to know if it is 1920 or antique and if there’s a market for this king of thing.

Thanks, Maybelle