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American Silver Dollars

There are many excellent reasons why you should be collecting the American Silver Dollar American Silver Dollars, (Silver Eagles), are congressionally authorised and produced by the United States Mint at West Point, New York. They are legal tender coins with a face value of one dollar, although they are worth considerably more since the market […]

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How To Store Coins

How To Store Your Coins and Collectable Coin Collections. There is a kind of Hippocratic Oath used implicitly among coin collectors … First, above all do no harm Rules on cleaning coins are well-known in collecting circles, even though there’s continued debate about how and when. Despite that there’s a general conscensus on how to […]

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Hummel Girl Figurine

I discovered this potential Hummel Girl Figurine while out on a local thrift shop hunting trip. by Dave (Greensburg, PA) Top photos show my Hummel Girl Figurine from the front, and a rear view of the Hummel figurine. Bottom photos show the side view and the signature mark on the Hummel Girl Figurine I am […]

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