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Collecting the 1804 Silver Dollar

Coin Collecting Reviews – The 1804 Silver Dollar. For those interested in collecting rare and unique American coins, the 1804 silver dollar will probably be one of the first they will want to add to their coin collection. The 1804 silver dollar is not only one of the rarest but also one of the most […]

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Selling Antiques at Auction

Selling antiques at auction can be fun and highly lucrative, but there are risks. When considering selling antiques at auction you should be aware that there are a great many local, national and international auction houses. All these auction houses are advertising for your business and most are trying to make the selling process as […]

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Buying Antiques on eBay

Buying antiques on eBay internet auctions is quick and profitable. It’s also simple to do and fun. If you’re buying antiques on internet auctions then you have to think about different things entirely, you have to factor in other aspects and learn all about the sellers customer service. The most important things to factor in […]

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Buying Antiques at Auction

Buying Antiques at Auction is a fun and simple process that most buyers shy away from. But when buying antiques at auction you should be open minded, do not buy anything unless you’ve handled it and if you’re unsure or can’t reach it, then ask the auctioneer or a member of staff to get it, […]

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Red Jean-Louis Godivier Chair

This Red Jean-Louis Godivier Chair was my great aunts until she passed away when she was 91 by Jan Langton (Monroe, Michigan) Photos show my Jean-Louis Godivier – D-tec Chair Front and Side View She had told us it is an original and possibly only a few Godivier D-tec chairs were made. I’m not sure […]

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