Antiques Roadshow: Porcelain Cup & Saucer

Looking for help with this lovely hand painted translucent porcelain cup and saucer set

by Grace (Sydney, Australia)

I found this dainty translucent hand painted cup and saucer set in my mother’s cupboard when attempting to prepare for a garage sale.

translucent porcelain Saucer Decoration Left-hand side of translucent porcelain teacup

Photos show the saucer decoration and the teacup decoration

It has no stamps or markings and the design is completely freehand and without transfers.

My mother says she cannot recall where she got it, although feels it was probably bought on a whim.

Right-hand side of translucent porcelain teacup

Probably from an antique shop or garage sale (She is certain, however that she bought it in Australia)

Whilst I am usually fairly adept at producing results when researching antiques, all my usual tactics have come up empty.

We would both love to know more about this gorgeous piece, if anyone can help us.

Many thanks.

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  1. Suzette July 13, 2014

    Hi Grace,
    I recently found three cups and saucers with this exact design in a local opshop and I too am having trouble finding any information on these beautiful little items. How old do you think they might be?
    Many thanks Suzette

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