Antiques Roadshow: Yellow Ware Pottery

Crude Yellow Ware Pottery Jar?

by Robert (Florida)

Crudely Made Yellow Ware Pottery Jar

Photo shows my rather crudely made Pottery jar. It isn’t yellow.

This is a very unusual small and very crudely made, possibly yellow ware, pottery Jar that I purchased at an estate in South Florida.

There are no makers mark on the piece and it measures just 3 and 3/4″ tall.

I would love to know who made this piece as I have researched it but found no details.

Thank you for any help, Robert.

Comments on Robert’s Crude Pottery Jar, that’s possibly Yellow Ware?

Yellow Ware Ginger Jar by: Sharon sweeney

Hi, I have one of these also. I believe it to be an old ginger jar.

Little Yellow Ware Vase by: John T

I have the same piece… any info on it yet ?

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