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Royal Worcester Fruit

Royal Worcester fruit painted porcelain and the skill of the Worcester fruit artists. The beauty of Royal Worcester fruit painted porcelain can only be achieved thanks to the varied skills that the fruit painters and craftsmen possess. It is believed that Worcester artist Octar H. Copson, was the first to paint Worcester Fruit He painted a large plaque commissioned by a local farmer to celebrate the introduction of the pershore plum in 1880. Modern painters can train for up to seven ... Continue Reading

Rare Moorcroft Vase

I would like some information on my Moorcroft Burslem vase. by Mary (Manchester, England) Photos show my rare and unique Moorcroft Vase & the measured size of the Moorcroft Vase I hope somebody out there knows something about it. I inherited the Moorcroft vase from my late grandmother. It is 14 inches tall and bulbous in shape, it has brown, darkish red and black circles all around it from top to bottom. It looks like the colours are all running into each other all the way ... Continue Reading

Can You Help Identify My Antique Ginger Jar

My Grandma was given this antique ginger jar in the mid 1920's by Carole Hughes (Liverpool, England) She was in service and the lady of the house gave her the ginger jar when she left to start a family. I inherited the antique ginger jar when Grandma passed away and it was always kept in the glass cabinet. That is all we know about our antique ginger jar and its just sat in my cabinet ever since my grandma passed away in 1993. I have always thought I would look into it one days to ... Continue Reading

Wedgwood Queensware Test Plate

Bought this Wedgewood Queensware test plate to put on my wall approx 25 yrs ago in a second hand shop. by Christine Geddes (United Kingdom) Photo shows my Wedgwood queensware test plate with colourful flower pattern I paid 5pence for it, and it's only recently after my Brother said something about the Wedgwood plate, that I realised I might have something special. The plate is cream with a colourful flower pattern and a fluted edge. On the back it is clearly marked with (no.17 Test), it ... Continue Reading

Doulton Burslem Vase with Frogs Mice & Birds

I have an interesting Doulton Burslem china vase with Frogs Mice & Birds, I would like to share. by Peter Roberts (Australia) Photo of Doulton Burslem Vase showing frogs The vase is stamped on the base Doulton Burslem with the coronet on top and England underneath which I have been able to find out dates it between 1891 -1902. The number 356 is also inscribed on the base. There are no other marks. Size is 17cm in height and condition is very good with no damage. I have been search... Continue Reading

Pair of Doulton Burslem Jugs

Looking for Information on Grandmothers Pair of Doulton Burslem Jugs. by Steve (West Yorkshire, England) Photo shows one of my Doulton Burslem Jugs These Doulton Burslem Jugs are my grandmothers and I am looking for any information regarding their origins, designers or date of manufacture. We have 2 jugs with matching paintwork decoration but one stands taller than the other. There are 'Doulton Burslem England' marks and the stamp just has the coronet on top of the badge. Any help ... Continue Reading