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Rene Lalique Glass

Rene Lalique Artist and Designer. Life and career.           The life of Rene Lalique and his artistic career covered the three most significant movements in the field of decorative arts - Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.   Who was the famous glassmaker Rene Lalique? Rene Lalique was born Rene Jules Lalique in Ay, France on April 6, 1860. His mother quickly recognised her son's artistic talent. At the age of sixteenth, she  steered ... Continue Reading

Caring for Antique Jewellery

Caring for antique jewellery and gemstones can become very difficult because we wear jewellery as we move around. This places your jewellery and gemstones at great risk from accidental damage or loss unless special care is taken. Fragile gemstones or crystal beads can shatter if hit against a harder surface. A soft 18ct gold ring wears paper thin if it's worn constantly. Particularly if your ring is worn next to another ring made of a harder metal. Your asking for trouble, in the form ... Continue Reading

Cloisonne Ware – Is it Worth Collecting?

Chinese Cloisonne ware isn't the only collectable or desirable form of cloisonne. Russian Cloisonne from the Tsarist era is also highly prized by collectors Continue Reading