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Shelley Marks & Collectible Shelley China

In 1910 Shelley marks were officially adopted by Wileman & Co of Foley Potteries and Foley China Works. Highly sought after Mabel Lucie Attwell collectibles bear the mark as do the wonderful Art Deco styled Harmony tea wares designed by Eric Slater and produced in the early 1930's. Shelley is popular among ceramics collectors and discovering you own a Shelley teaset or a Mabel Lucie Attwell piece could add nicely to your bank balance. Continue Reading

Doulton Artist Monograms (S)

Royal Doulton artist monograms beginning with or including the letter S. Including Eliza Simmance, Harry Simeon and Emily Stormer. Sorted alphabetically by surname from left to right. We've provided real life examples of Royal Doulton marks and artist monograms in the Doulton Gallery and the Pottery Marks index. NOTE: Most royal doulton artists and assistants were encouraged to use a mark or artist monogram that included their initials. A quick click through to the relevant character below ... Continue Reading

Antique Terms (F)

The Antiques Marks Glossary and Antique Terms F Covering antique terms beginning with the letter 'F', everything from faberge to fusee and faience to furstenberg. Below you will find antique related words or antique terms begining with 'f' covering everything from faberge to fusee and many more that you might find useful. The list is not exhaustive but we will add to it as time goes by. The descriptions detailed are only intended to be relevant to how the word or term relates to ... Continue Reading